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Behind the scenes, we get to do both—spend time with each piece as it arrives and goes through the editing process, and read each issue as a whole as it gets closer to publication.

My first encounter tends to focus on the minutiae (“avant-garde” with a hyphen, and artefact with an “e”, “pièce de résistance” with the accents but “cafe” without, and is that cheeky homophone poetic wordplay, a deliberate pun or just a plain old misspelling?). The last read is a chance to savour the serendipity and surprises.

Different resonances will sound for every reader. A chance to look back over the last year reminds me of the explorations of language in #249: Bonnie Etherington losing hers in A Fried Egg in Space, Natalia Figueroa Barroso recovering hers in Mother Tongue, Avi Leibovitch’s talking cat in Ticket. In #251, some heavy-duty opening lines: “To be Indigenous is to share cascading crises with the earth” declares Hana Pera Aoake“the jumpers I lent never find their way back” writes Luoyang Chen.

Subscribe to Overland and support all those writers and so much more—the writers and artists whose work appears on Overland online, the aspiring editors and emerging writers who intern and volunteer with us, the activists and progressive organisations we platform, an online archive of almost seventy years’ worth of writing, each past issue a snapshot of the literary and cultural concerns of its day.

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Major prizes


What’s in this major prize?

A stunning original artwork by Sofia Sabbagh, sponsored by the kind folk at CoPower: Snow Gums on Mt Bogong, October 2023. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 452 x 594 mm.

“This work is inspired by the snow gums on Mt Bogong, where I supported the research into the decline of bogong moths/debera on Taungerong and Yaithmatang Country. While bogong moths are a migratory, ephemeral keystone species in the ecosystem, snow gums are there all year round, glowing in the wildflower heathland and supporting the colourful community of plants, animals and humans. It is with grief that I paint the alpine region, knowing it is one of the communities most threatened by climate induced catastrophes.” 


What’s in this major prize?

A double pass to each of La Mama’s primary season shows in 2023/24, plus 2 x drink tickets per show and the La Mama book (MUP).


A HUGE haul of House of Darwin goodies, the hottest 100% Indigenous owned, NT-based social enterprise around. This extra-special pack includes:

    • A pack of HOD stickers
    • A HOD stubby holder
    • A HOD enamel mug
    • A HOD Barra cap (coal)
    • A HOD ABC tea towel

Today’s daily prize is …

What’s in this prize?

Regional prizes


What’s in this prize?

    • A membership for MARION writers’ centre


What’s in this prize?


What’s in this prize?


What’s in this prize?

    • A 1-year Meanjin subscription, plus a pack of back issues, and a Meanjin tote bag
    • UQP book pack of recent and newly-released titles


What’s in this prize?

    • An annual subscription to Voiceworks, plus back issues


What’s in this prize?


What’s in this prize?

    • Triple R membership and merch pack


What’s in this prize?


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