249 Summer 2022

Elias Greig on ecofascism and the settler invasion fantasy, Natalia Figueroa Barroso on Charrua language and colonisation, the winners of the Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize and Judith Wright Poetry Prize, new poetry and fiction from Angela Costi, Liam Ferney, Michael Farrell, Ouyang Yu, Tim Loveday and more.

248 Spring 2022

Essays by Thomas Moran, Jonno Revanche, Michael Griffiths and Abigail Fisher. New poety and fiction from Aidan Coleman, Alan Fyfe, Gareth Morgan, Janet Jiahui Wu, Dan Hogan, Kerry Greer and more.

247 Winter 2022

Gregory Marks on Wake In Fright, Lachlan Summers on the naming of storms, Jack Kirne on colonialism and climate literature, plus new fiction and poetry from Laurie Steed, Karen A Johnson, Yeena Kirkbright, Holly Isemonger, joanne burns, and the winner of the 2021 Nakata Brophy Prize.

246 Autumn 2022

New essays and fiction from Jeff Sparrow, Ouyang Yu, Elena Gomez and Greg Page, plus the winners of the Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize 2021 and the Judith Wright Poetry Prize 2021.

245 Summer 2021

Kim Kruger on waterways, Gareth Morgan on Lucy Van's 'The Open', Misha Hardwick on a universal basic income, prize-winning poetry from the Queensland Poetry Festival, fiction from Hop Dac, Wayne Marshall and more.

244 Spring 2021

Ellena Savage on work and identity, Jon Piccini on 'A New Britannia', Elias Greig on whale watching, Rafi Alam on carceral injustice. New fiction and poetry from Ursula Robinson-Shaw, Eve Vincent and more.

243 Winter 2021

The history of Aboriginal theatre by Kim Kruger, Yves Rees on Detransition Baby, Robbo Bennetts on the West Gate Bridge and other crises, the winners of the Kuracca Prize for Australian literature and more.

242 Autumn 2021

Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn on climate politics, Cherry Zheng on family and culture, Aiden Coleman on Forbes, new poetry from Louis Armand, the winners of the Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize and the Judith Wright Poetry Prize and more.

241 Summer 2020

Essays on climate change, Footscray history, radical activism, whiteness and more. New Australian fiction and poetry from writers such as Samual Wagan Watson, Jane Turner Goldsmith, Ann Vickery and Rico Craig.

240.5: a special digital fiction edition

A special digital fiction edition edited by Overland's volunteer fiction readers, featuring new work from Carol Lefevre, Odette Kelada, Amber Moffat, Yumna Kassab, Felicia Henderson, Alison Martin and Diana Papas.

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