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Cover of Overland 247. Cover design is a painting by Hop Dac, of a pink wall and floor, with an orange cabinet, a beaded door curtain, and a brown rabbit lying on the floor.

247 Winter 2022

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Gregory Marks on Wake In Fright, Lachlan Summers on the naming of storms, Jack Kirne on colonialism and climate literature, plus new fiction and poetry from Laurie Steed, Karen A Johnson, Yeena Kirkbright, Holly Isemonger, joanne burns, and the winner of the 2021 Nakata Brophy Prize.

Issue Contents

Feature | They hunger violently for it
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Marg Hooper
Feature | Serving up colonialism instead of care
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Caitlin Prince
Fiction | Australians at work
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Alex Cothren
Fiction | Using the method
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Brad Gilbert
Karen A Johnson
Poetry | Column irrelevant
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Yeena Kirkbright
Poetry | A message from the NRMA
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Jake Goetz
joanne burns
Gemma Parker
Poetry | Our song
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Dave Drayton
Poetry | on arriving in australia, 27 december 2000
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Pooja Biswas
Evelyn Araluen and Jonathan Dunk
Short Story Prize
First place, Nakata Brophy Prize: Sweet anticipation
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Jasmin McGaughey