On the second-last day of Subscriberthon, Overland’s co-chief editor Evelyn Araluen speaks truth to power

To my friends and comrades,

I’m not sure if there’s language to communicate how this last month has utterly changed me. This time a few weeks ago the busyness and chaos of bricolage arts and academic labour had so efficiently distracted me from my anxiety about the upcoming referendum that I forgot to prepare myself for its inevitable conclusion. Like so many Blakfullas I watched the results roll in between videos of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, and the firmness of this nation’s refusal of even such a symbolic conciliatory gesture of course paled in comparison to the violence being perpetrated against the world’s most vulnerable community before our eyes.

As I and other Overland staff marched alongside 5,000, then 15,000, then 50,000, and then almost 100,000 allies to the Palestinian struggle through the streets of Naarm each Sunday, the referendum came back to me not through the grief or rage or despondency of those first few days, but rather through the tenderness and care extended to me by my friends and colleagues. Even more humbling is how my Palestinian siblings-in-struggle have responded to this pain and frustration with such generosity even in the depths of their own suffering. It shouldn’t surprise me—the Australian Palestinian community has a long history of solidarity with Aboriginal rights and self-determination.

Perhaps one of the few silver linings we might find in this ever-darkening horror is the depth of consciencism and solidarity that has been ignited across our many intertwined communities. From the profound integrity of the Tzedek Collective’s work facilitating support spaces for anti-Zionist Jewish people and Jews Against Fascism’s many demonstrations to challenge the manufacturing of Jewish consent for Israel’s attacks, to the union comrades who as I write now are blocking an Israeli shipping line in Port Melbourne with nothing but their bodies and their spirit. Across the world millions are rising together, and the cry “in our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians” rings out in every language.

As my co-editor Jonathan’s essay today will discuss, we have received criticism for our stance on Palestine. Most, I would say, has not come to us in good faith. It’s a funny thing to hear from your supposed patron for the very first time in your editorial tenure by way of an article more concerned with perpetuating IDF propaganda than the profound and escalating scale of violence we are all witnessing in the clearest and most indisputable terms. We have always been open to criticism, and we remain grateful to those in our community who guide us in our work with generosity and integrity, no matter how our positions might diverge. In addition to the incredible labours of Palestinian activists working to educate and mobilise us all here in Australia, I especially want to acknowledge the incredible Jewish advocates for Palestinian liberation and self-determination who have continued to show up and speak out, even through their own grief and trauma. May we all learn from you.

We’ve received tremendous support from the Overland community over the last few days, and I thank everyone who has subscribed, donated, or spoken up. We see you and are so grateful. We’ll never get everything right, but it’s an honour to work for a community of readers and writers who understand the importance of platforms such as Overland, and who are prepared to fight for independent media in Australia.

The work isn’t over. Let us never forget Palestine.

Bugalwan and solidarity to you all,


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