Issue 205

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summer 2011

ISBN 978-0-9871301-2-9

published 2 December 2011

Mattias Gardell on the Oslo massacre, the politics of Indigenous languages, an extract from Alexis Wright’s forthcoming novel and much more.



Jeff Sparrow − Editorial

Alison Croggon


Mattias Gardell − Terror in the Norwegian woods
The rise of a anti-Muslim far Right in Europe

Robert Bollard − Who was Bet B?
Aboriginality and identity

Xavier Rizos− Will the market save us?
The logic of a carbon tax

Brad Nguyen – Morality begone!
Interpreting violence in the age of riots and revolution

Stephanie Convery and Katrina Fox
Sexing up animal rights: is it wrong?
A discussion

Rjurik Davidson – ‘You are sick! This is not art!’
Torture porn films and politics

Sarah Drummond − Whale, daughter
A slow death at sea

Language and politics in Indigenous writing
A PEN forum
Arnold Zable
John Bradley
Kim Scott
Marie Munkara

Peter Slezak – Silence resembling stupidity
The New Atheists and Islam

Meanland: Caroline Hamilton – Sympathy for the devil?
Small presses and free markets


Robert Lukins versus Ali Alizadeh
That Australian Poetry should attempt to bring poetry into the mainstream
Robert Lukins − Affirmative
Ali Alizadeh − Negative
Robert Lukins − Rebuttal
Ali Alizadeh − Rebuttal


Stephen Muecke − Experiment No. 1 in Animal Tourism

Louise Pine − Letter to a small village

Alexis Wright − extract from The Swan Book


Cameron Lowe − Theatre

Cath Drake − Fresh Kill

Eileen Chong – Mary: A Fiction

Angela Smith – Jennifer Maiden woke up in The Lodge

Stuart Barnes – sad

Molly Guy – Edith’s dead mother

D J Huppatz – Bite the Wax Tadpole | Heide | One February or July

Maketh Ajak – I need the finger of God inside my mind

Phillip Hall – At Wentworth Falls

Ruby Todd – the supplement

Stuart Cooke – Elites


Yhonnie Scarce, What they wanted 2006–2010
courtesy the artist and Dianne Tanzer Gallery

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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