the supplement

desire creates the hollow
in which the bird can roost
to what is not I add you   a song
yet looking for its truth

what is absent from the present
will demarcate the light   to add you
as travelling in the desert
oceans fill the night

horizon of the eye   a compass wider
than the day   for what is not you?  behold
before a body dies   how it longs
to stay

you are my favourite fact   I recall you
like a sum   add you to what is not
between my thoughts   the secret pact
to this bare hour add one   I add you

losing this day to dark gods   my mind
drunk on a dream   I feel
the equation beckon   the bird
begins to nod

Ruby Todd is undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing at Deakin University.
© Ruby Todd
Overland 205-summer 2011, p. 79

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Ruby Todd

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