1: seca

Australia, fat fucking traitor
hijo de puta spawn of all the mines
and the mula the filthy fonts fijate skinny
Chile clichés rolling off her long sticky
tongue licks volcanoes Neruda went mojado
shaving land singing land tierra mojada fuck
your seca shit your old crocodile rocks
atrocious waters seen in corners
Melbourne nipples Launceston cocks

2: wind

wind up past throw it at me
in a disco
beat tread noxious
lemons round
up the roos
salgan de mi iglesia
y apaguen la luz calling

choking chilenos el churrasco la
sick del fome of buying up los debiles
arreglen sus cosas suck on spring’s ardent
milk smack

los socialistas where their pricks don’t reach
and beat it go
transnational take islas slice the forests
with squadrons of coronas strip
the ridges the dreams qué
podrías tu

could you possibly have ramas tienen
raices there’s nothing anyone could
if I were a pin you the cheque what would the board
have to say about that?

3: wise

down street walked crumbled air your phone pissing
dreams you down root
wise banana

peel canto empty virtual tourist
neither the heart nor glass slither nor the parched
oda of the weekend call all
the skin ripped off it hurts the cock just
as much meet

by the feather gliding the only feather
gliding on a lonely white hoja catch this

can you reach the fertile hand’s
chalice trans eager and
national thirst wicked capital fucking meet

there we’ll talk shop do lines devenir
fashionable bleedin bendito texts sell nada keep
escapando the aussie phallic throwing
out the virtues of a census with your dusty sidewalk

Stuart Cooke’s first full-length collection, Edge Music, was published by IP in 2011. He has also published a chapbook, Corrosions (Vagabond Press, 2010), and a new selection of his work appears in Triptych Poets: Issue Two (Blemish Books, 2011).
© Stuart Cooke
Overland 205-summer 2011, p. 80–1

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Stuart Cooke

Stuart Cooke’s latest chapbook, Departure into Cloud, was published by Vagabond Press in 2013. His full-length collection is Edge Music (IP, 2011). He is a lecturer in creative writing and literary studies at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

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