This comic was written with the help of activists and ecologists in Goongerah. To get involved with GECO, or keep up to date with their work, you can follow their website.

Sofia Sabbagh

Sofia Sabbagh is an arts-based researcher, story-teller, and collaborator. She works with kids and adults in environmentally engaged creative processes. Her work invites playfulness, curiosity and a getting to know of ourselves in our environment.

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  1. Such a poignant and important work Thank you Sofia for your time, thoughtfulness and using your energies for showing folk what is happening in such a beautiful way

  2. Beautiful work Sophia. Especially after your own Lismore experience. To be able to tell this story so simply is brilliant for getting the message out. All peace and goodness to you.

  3. Love this!! would love to be able to share it to our facebook page, Biomass Action Group! Would it be possible to make a link so the whole thing comes up in a post? I tried, but nothing got loaded like usual with a link.

    1. I don’t quite understand what you mean. If you post the link to this page on Facebook, your readers should be able to click on it. I know sometimes previews don’t work on Facebook, for mysterious reasons. But the links still work.

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