Statement: Artists and Academics Against Annexation


We are deeply concerned by the Australian government’s complicity in enabling the Israeli state to suppress the aspiration of the Palestinian people to self-determination. Last week, Australia was one of only two countries (with the Marshall Islands) to vote against a UN Human Rights Council resolution condemning the illegal annexation of significant parts of the occupied Palestinian West Bank by Israel.

With the deadline set for July 1, the proposed annexation seeks to formalise ongoing de facto annexation of Palestinian lands since before 1948. The policy purports to solidify the ongoing attempts by successive Israeli governments to systematically and illegally expropriate the lands and homes of Palestinian families, in order to depopulate the land of Palestinians and thus clear the way for more illegal Israeli settlements and Israeli settlers (now numbering over half a million) in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The State of Israel was created on stolen land 72 years ago. Its illegal military occupation of the West Bank – which imposes a punitive legal system on Palestinians in contrast to their Israeli settler counterparts, who enjoy the rights of full Israeli citizens – has been ongoing for 53 years. Throughout this time, Israel has continued to commit war crimes in breach of the Geneva Conventions, and to violate the most basic of Palestinian human rights, ultimately denying Palestinians the right to be sovereign in their own homeland.

Israel’s annexation plan will cement the apartheid reality that currently exists. It confines Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza within 115 bantustans that are physically, economically, socially, and politically cut off from each other. The Israeli state has subjected Palestinians to land confiscation, ethnic cleansing, forcible population transfer, home demolitions, settler violence, severe and discriminatory restrictions on their right to freedom of movement, excessive use of force, torture, and a racist legal system and state apparatus which explicitly operates by granting preferential political, legal, social, cultural and economic rights to Israeli Jews.

Israel’s annexation plan has been universally condemned. UN human rights experts from across the globe have said that annexation “would violate a cornerstone principle of international law”, and have called for Israel to be held accountable. One thousand European parliamentarians, political leaders, diplomats, religious leaders including 600 Jewish clergy, over 250 leading international lawyers, and an unprecedented 50 independent UN experts have all deplored the plan as a grave violation of international law. The European Union is considering sanctions.

We draw great inspiration from current global justice movements committed to the eradication of racism, fascism, imperialism, and apartheid — a collective and intersectional emancipatory process of decolonisation. As iconic civil rights campaigner Angela Davis writes, “When we are engaged in the struggle against racist violence…we can’t forget the connections with Palestine. In many ways, we have to engage in an exercise of intersectionality. Of always foregrounding those connections so that people remember that nothing happens in isolation.” As Davis makes clear, an unequivocal stance against all forms of racial oppression must include support of Palestinians.

From Minneapolis to Jerusalem to Gadigal land, all sites of recent state-sanctioned violence, we affirm the critical ongoing and historic solidarities between different movements against systemic and institutionalised state violence, systemic oppression, and brutality. Palestinians in Australia are positioned as settlers of colour and have proudly sought and affirmed solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our indivisible anti-colonial struggles.

Israel has acted with impunity for decades. Against all odds, Palestinians remain hopeful. Palestinians continue to resist occupation, apartheid, dispossession, and racist political domination in a struggle to secure their inalienable rights to justice, dignity, and freedom.

Consistent with the aspirations of any human being, Palestinians want to live free: to control their own lives, and to determine and build their own futures with the people they love.

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· Publicly condemn the Israeli government’s unilateral, unlawful annexation plans.

· Demand the Australian government publicly oppose the Israeli government’s annexation plans and cease greenlighting Israel’s violations of human rights and fundamental principles of international law.

· Call on people of conscience everywhere to continue to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination and their aspirations for freedom, justice, dignity, and equality for all.


Dr Randa Abdel-Fattah, academic and author
Sara M. Saleh, writer and poet
Dr Micaela Sahhar, academic and poet
Dr Ryan Al-Natour, academic and writer
Elias Jahshan, writer and journalist
Dr Gary Foley, Professor of History
Melissa Lucashenko, Bundjalung Author
Dr Aileen Moreton-Robinson, Professor
Tony Birch, Professor and Author
Amy McQuire, Darumbal and South Sea Islander journalist, podcast host, and PhD candidate
Ellen van Neervan, Mununjali Author
Dr Samah Sabawi, Author. Academic. Playwright.
Samya Jabbour, writer and PhD candidate
Dr Debbie Bargallie, academic and writer
Associate Professor Chelsea Bond, Munanjahli and South Sea Islander academic
Dr Crystal McKinnon, academic
Bronwyn Carlson, Professor
Dr Irene Watson, Professor
Javina Warkill, Gimuy Walubara Yidinji & South Sea Islander Youth Bali Support Worker
Dr Ghassan Hage, Professor
Aamer Rahman, comedian/writer
Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts, social worker
Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Writer and Broadcaster
Dhakshayini Sooriyakumaran, Human Rights and Racial Justice Director, ACCR
Roxanne Moore, Fulbright scholar and lawyer
Diana Sayed, International Human Rights Lawyer
Martin Hodgson, Senior Advocate – Foreign Prisoner Support Service
Celeste Liddle, Writer
Dr Lana Tatour, academic
Dr Bassam Dally, Professor
Alison Whittaker, academic and author
Jeanine Hourani, researcher and advocate
Maher Mughrabi Features Editor, The Age
Amy Thunig, Associate lecturer
Eugenia Flynn, Writer, Arts Worker and PhD Candidate
Meriki Onus, Writer
Madeline Hayman-Reber, Indigenous Affairs Journalist
Tarneen Onus Williams, Writer
Evelyn Araluen Corr, Co-Editor Overland Literary Journal
Joseph Pugliese, Professor
Suvendrini Perera, John Curtin Distinguished Professor
Dr Alana Lentin, Associate Professor
Dr Jumana Bayeh, academic
Dr Paula Abood, Community Cultural Worker, Writer
Dr Jordana Silverstein, academic and writer
Lynda-June Coe, Wiradjuri PhD Candidate
Nazeem Hussain, Comedian
Christos Tsiolkas, author
Professor Mohamad Abdalla, Academic and community leader
Maxine Beneba Clarke, writer
Judith Beveridge, Poet
Dr Anne Monsour, academic
Faisal Al-Asaad, academic and writer
Dr Michael Mohammed Ahmad, academic and author
Omar Sakr, Poet
Sarah Ayoub, Author, Journalist, PhD Candidate
Amani Haydar, Lawyer, writer, artist & advocate against gender based violence
Hella Ibrahim, Editorial Director, Djed Press
Charandev Singh, movement photographer
Alissar Chidiac, community arts and cultural engagement
Ruby Hamad, Author and academic
Dr Sary Zananiri, academic
Zeina Inglis, Researcher and lawyer
Sameeha Elwan, Academic
Farah Fayyad, PhD Candidate and sessional academic
Eunice Andrada, Poet and educator
Hannah Donnelly, curator
Khalid Warsame, Writer
Lujayn Hourani, Writer, Editor, and Arts Worker
Rawan Arraf, lawyer
Hiba El Farra, lawyer
Fahad Ali, molecular geneticist
Dr Jeff Sparrow
Suzannah Henty, PhD Candidate
Dr Matt Withers, academic
Emma Mitchell, academic
Elizabeth King, academic
Dr Justine Lloyd, academic
Helen Groth, Professor
Dr Chris Andrews, Associate Professor
Kumiko Kawashima, academic
Dr Peter Rogers, academic
Ned Curthoys, Academic
Danielle Binks, writer
Soreti Bulbula Kadir, Storyteller & Facilitator
Sara Mansour, Lawyer, Director of Bankstown Poetry Slam
Gloria Demillo, poet
Dr Melanie Cheng, writer
Dr Safdar Ahmed, Academic and artist
Angelita Biscotti, Artist & Poet
Tania Safi, journalist and video producer
Dr Roanna Gonsalves, author
Abdul Abdullah, Artist
Ana Paula Maielo Silva, Visiting Fellow
Maissa Alameddine, artist
Raveena Grover, writer
Dr Lara Palombo, academic
Simone Amelia Jordan, journalist and host
Dr. Rusaila Bazlamit, Academic, designer
Dr Briony Neilson
Shirley Le
Natalia Figueroa Barroso, Writer and Post Production Coordinator
Zora Simic, Academic
Sivan Barak, Textile artist
David Brophy, Senior Lecturer
Claudia Chidiac, Creative Producer and Theatre Maker
Dr Marcelo Svirsky, academic
Dr Nick Riemer, academic
Derek Gregory, Peter Wall Distinguished Professor
Dr Mehal Krayem, Academic
Danielle Rizk, Artist / Teacher
Yasmin Lewis, poet
Baden Offord, Professor of Cultural Studies and Human Rights
Susan Stryker, Professor Emerita of Gender and Women’s Studies
Arika Waulu , Gunditjmara Gunnai Curator of Sovereign Interventions
Dr Maree Pardy, Academic
Dr Deborah Cleland, academic
Yaegan Doran, academic
Dr Intan Paramaditha, academic
Texas Fontanella, poet
Elizabeth Campbell, poet and teacher
Madison Griffiths, writer
Gerard Mirana, Artist-Activist
Dr Ian Wilson, academic
Dr Effie Karageorgos, academic
Alec Reade, Producer & Artist
Anna Hush, PhD candidate
Ashley Barnwell, academic
Julian Murphet, Professor
Dr Barbara Bloch
Jennifer Hole, Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Aidan Craney, Academic
Dr Peter Manning, Adjunct Professor
Randi Irwin, academic
Professor Saliha Belmessous
Dr John Falzon, Poet, sociologist.
Dr Julia Dehm, Academic
Dr Toby Fitch, academic and writer
Dr Sky Croeser, Academic
Claire Albrecht, PhD candidate and poet
Ben Golder, Academic
Caitlin Biddolph, PhD Candidate
Michelle de Kretser, author
Samia Khatun, Senior Lecturer
Mohammed Massoud Morsi, Photographer, Journalist, Writer
Dr Benjamin Law, Author & Broadcaster
Fethi Mansouri, Professor
Lina Koleilat, Writer and Academic
Lucy Ridsdale
Dr Guy Gillor
Selina Moir-Wilson, writer
Dr Kynan Tan, artist and researcher
John Hunter, Arts and Education
Dr Jason De Santolo, academic
Dr Markela Panegyres, artist
Dr Na’ama Carlin, academic
Aleea Monsour, University Tutor, Theatre director
Danny Teece-Johnson
Alissar Gazal, artist
Kari McKern, Poet
Sullivan Patten, artist
Nadia Zeaiter, Writer, poet, activist, dance artist
Tasnim Sammak, PhD Candidate
Phil Monsour, Musician
Dr Peta Malins, Senior Lecturer
John Maynard, Professor
Dr Shannon Woodcock, academic
Chips Mackinolty, Artist and writer
Dr Noah Bassil, academoc
Dr Jacinda Woodhead, writer and editor
Jarod Kingston-Brown, Educator
Dr Amanda Lourie, historian
Sally Olds, writer and sessional tutor
Dr Ann Zubrick, Academic, educator
Dr Mohammed Sulaiman
Jocelyn Hungerford, Writer
Dr. Adrian I. P-Flors, UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Comparative Literature, UCLA
Janet Hammill, PhD Medical Ethnographer, Indigenous Australian
Una Stone, Associate Lecturer
Dr Neil Maclean
Dr Carolyn D’Cruz, Academic
James Godfrey, PhD Researcher
Rosie Isaac, Artist and teacher
Dr George H Morgan, academic
Ben Spies-Butcher, Associate Professor
Dr Jonathan Dunk, writer and editor
Sharyn Holmes, Consultant and writer
Natasha Lee
Elizabeth Griffiths, Doctor
Thalia Anthony, Professor
Gayatri Nair, writer
Katherine Johnson, Professor
Dr Freya Higgins-Desbiolles
Mina Chesterfield
Aliya Ahmad, Media Adviser
Padraic Gibson, Senior Researcher, UTS
Jules Berne, musician
Emma Shields
Dr Zena Kassir, scientist
Dr. Nahed Fraitekh, Researcher and Human Rights Activist
Dr Sandy O’Sullivan, Associate Professor
Genevieve Grieves, Worimi artist, curator and academic
Dr Léuli Eshraghi, Sāmoan artist, curator, essayist and Horizon/Indigenous Futures postdoctoral fellow
Maryanne Taouk, writer
Elias Nohra, Community & Digital Artist
Dr Govand Azeez, Lecturer/academic
Samia Sayed, Artist
Paul Russell, Academic
Dr. Sonya Pearce, Gooreng Gooreng
Dr Jared M. Field, Gomeroi Mathematician
Michelle Cahill, Author
Lucy Storey
Anthony White, Associate Professor
Dr Lobna Yassine, Lecturer, Social Work
Dr Maria Giannacopoulos, academic
Meyrnah Khodr, Teacher, author
Catherine Greenhill, academic
Nicola Joseph, Media producer and activist
Dr Diarmaid Harkin
David Mejia-Canales, lawyer
Ben kelly, Lecturer, Indigenous Studies
Dr Giovanni Tiso, Online editor, Overland magazine
Priya Pavri, Curator and Activist
Finn O’Branagain, Artistic Director Outloud Inc
Miro Sandev, Teacher and writer
Peter Slezak, Associate Professor
marijke davey
Manal Younus, poet
Dr Penny Griffin, academic
Barbara McGrady, Photojournalist/Sports Photographer
Dr Zuleyka Zevallos, Applied Sociologist
Emily Foley, PhD candidate and sessional academic
Ro McCoy
Dr Jane Bolitho, academic
Bridie Noonan, Actor, Student and Writer
Wahibe Moussa, writer/performer
Narelle Simpson, performing artist and educator
Sarah Malik, Writer and journalist
Romy McCoy, Poet and editor
Nadia David, Associate Lecturer
Dr Jack Desbiolles, Agricultural Research Engineer
Brianna Hoff, Honours student
Rachael Hamed
Shelly McGrath, Lecturer & PhD Candidate- Global Indigenous Studies
Amara Khan, Student, Founder of UTS Students for Humanity
Carol Que, writer and educator
Eileen Haley, Writer and fabric artist
Netsy Manners
Jiang Yanni
Daniel Boetker-Smith, Dean
Panda Wong, poet
Natasha Zeng, PhD Student
Ingrid Matthews
Debbie Taylor
Rawah Arja, Writer
Dr Zoë Jay, Academic
Ahmad Shboul, AM, Professor
Darryl Black, artist
lina Kastoumis, artsworker
Natasha Seymour, Writer and publicist
Starra Strickland, writer
Adriano Cianfarani, writer and poet
Veronica Sherman, writer
Dr Adel Yousif, Senior Lecturer/Academic
Anisa Nandaula, Poet
Richard Skinner, Furniture designer
Dr David Arness, Academic
Dr Dara Conduit, Deakin University
Laura, gallery administrator
Madison Pawle, Writer
Geir Henning Presterudstuen, Anthropologist
Dr Michael Griffiths, academic
Oskar Dunscombe, musician
Dr Anna Whateley, writer
Emma Barnard, Academic
Brian Brophy, Emeritus Associate Professor
Joseph Schwarzkopf
Dr Kim Kemmis
Amaira Goldstone
Rayane Tamer, Journalist and Writer
Leila el Rayes, Artist and Organiser
Rizcel Gagawanan
Oznur Sahin, PhD candidate
Priya Kunjan, Researcher and advocate
Sonja Sedmak, artist
Peter Quin, researcher
Jacqueline Buswell, translator and poet
Honora Ryan
Winnie Dunn, Writer
Liz Murray, Educator
Dr Elizabeth Humphrys
Dr John Docker
David Stavanger, Poet/Editor/Arts Producer
Nicole Asquith, Professor
Jessica Whyte, Associate Professor
Anjali Walisinghe, Masters student
Stephanie Cuthbert, Writer and artist
Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Professor
Paul Tabar, Professor
Millie Baylis, writer and arts worker
Tess Woods, Writer
Huna Amweero, Radio producer and screenwriter
Mona Lolas, Australian Marketing Institute board director
Suzy Monzer, poet and journalist
Yumi Luff
Tyrone Pearce
Sarah Gyngell, PhD candidate
Miran Hosny, writer and lawyer
Dr Anita Trezona
Ferdous Bahar, Writer
Jeanelle Hurst, Artist
Farah Hany, Writer
Youssef Taouk, Arts worker
Annie Brockenhuus-Schack,
Caroline Vernon Graham, retired, former Senior Lecturer
James Gatling
Miranda Aguilar, Writer and creative producer
Ian McLean, Hugh Ramsay Chair of Australian Art History
Fatima Measham, writer
Ouyang Yu, poet
Sunniya Wajahat, Graduate Student
Dr Karen Block, Academic
Dr Dean Chatwin, Artist and educator
Dr Claire Farrugia, Researcher
Cathy Peters, Radio documentary producer, advocate
Edie Bush, student
Lizzie O’Shea, writer
Dr Keren Rubinstein, academic
Dr Susie Latham, writer
Aida Azin, artist
Lilly Brown, Lecturer
Diane Wanasawage, teacher and writer
Zena Cumpston, Research fellow
Dr Helen Goritsas
Linda Briskman, Professor
Kathy Tribe, Activist
Dr Sherene Idriss, Academic
Hanan Dover, Clinical Psychologist
Donita Vatuinaruku Hulme, Artist & Cultural Producer
Cathy Vaughan, Associate Professor
Amanda King
Tahir Abass, Doctoral Researcher
Nur Shkembi, PhD candidate
Eddie Abd, Artist
Dr. Michael Grewcock, Academic
Dr Jane Carey
Tanja Dreher, Associate Professor
Amrit Versha, Educator, community worker and PHD student
Khaled almedyab, Researcher
Chad Toprak, Director of Freeplay
Barathan Vidhyapathy, Filmmaker
Sean O’Carolan
Mohsin Abbas, Musician
kristin diemer, senior researcher
Dr Greg Giannis
Raisa Islam, PhD candidate (psychiatry)
Sonja Sedmak, Artist
Paula Gleeson, Researcher
Mouna Zaylah, Cultural worker
Thao Ly, Artist
Aishah Ali, Poet and Law Student
Justine Youssef, artist, arts worker
Ricki Wrigley, artist
Felicity Gray, PhD scholar
Khadija Gbla, Human Rights Activist
Heba Al Adawy, PhD Candidate, Australian National University
Abla Ruhayel, Lecturer
Sarah Werkmeister, Writer and curator
Cigdem Aydemir, Artist and Teacher
Andry Sculthorpe, Muso
Sara Maher, Artist
Karima-Chloe Hazim, Designer
Jagath Dheerasekara, Artist
Dr Margaret Mayhew, Artist and academic
Dr Ben Silverstein
Delma Clifton, Assoc Prof
Scott Poynting, Professor
Dr Vicki Sentas
Dr Ann E Fink (D.Phil.Oxon), Social Anthropologist
Andrew Chuter, Teacher
Dr Angela Martinez Dy, Senior Lecturer
Dr Kathryn Daley, Senior Lecturer
Julia Bennett, Social worker
Sarah Shaweesh, Khamsa Cafe
Stuart Flanagan, artist
Catherine Weiss, PhD candidate
EJ Son
Linda Briskman, Professor
Tyler Bain, Writer
Eda Gunaydin, Writer and researcher
Persefoni Thliveris
Con Gerakaris, Curator
Dr Nick Apoifis
Dr Dave McDonald, Academic
Giles Fielke, writer and educator
Zarlasht Sarwari, PhD Candidate
Eashna Chand
Rebecca Harcourt, Writer, Director & Program Manager
Ray ison, Professor
Charlie Aarons, Artist
Gen Smith, Researcher
Viola Bechara, Writer/ Creative Director
Dr Justin Tighe
Nadia Refaei, Artist
prince aydin
Dr Christine de Matos
Shane Hopkinson, Academic
Brendan McCleary, Curator
Kowther Qashou, writer
Simonne Goran, Artist, Film Programmer and Arts Producer
Jacynta Krakouer, Academic
Kimberley Moulton, Curator/Writer
Bobuq Sayed, Writer
Hannah Yared, Provisional Psychologist and PhD Candidate
Amber Wilcox, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Producer & Director
Dettie Sebastian, Artist
Lucia Sorbera, Senior Lecturer
Dr David Singh
Zein karam
Indiana Jennings, Artist
Dr. Goldie Osuri, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick
Mira Schlosberg, writer
Nishita Trisal, Graduate Student
Rebecca Harcourt, Writer Director Program Manager
Laila Ali, Teacher
Dr Lisa Radford,
Chermine Haidar
Dennis Altman AM, Professor
Sara Ossman
Alisha Ossman
Ari Tampubolon
Rachael Cavanagh
Joe Ballesteros, Student
Lena Nahlous, Cultural worker
Melissa O’Donnell, Lawyer
Thabo Gulu
Kim Lawrence, Student
Mohammad Awad, Poet
Eva Swanson
Cali Prince, Arts & Cultural Development Practitioner & Sessional Academic
Marziya Mohammedali, Artist and Doctoral Researcher
Merlando Zambrozo, Professor
Phil Scraton, Professor Emeritus
Fatima Mawas, Filmmaker
Ain ul khair, PhD Student
Chloe Hocking
Tania Searle, PhD Candidate
Nikhil Ramesh
Kevin Bathman, Arts & Culture, Curator
Mohd Tahir Ganie, Assistant Professor
Dawn Dangkomen, artist
Yasmine Farah, student
Jack Somerville
Therese Monty
Christopher Mark Jones
Amy Rushent, Actor
Nisha Kapoor, Associate Professor
Dr Elizabeth Strakosch, Lecturer
Dr Madison Magladry, Academic
Janet Watson, Professor
Laura Taylor, Artist
Claire Cao, Writer and critic
Amy Espeseth, academic and writer
Shahira Eisa
Marcel Jolaoso
Ella Ward
Assad Abdi
shaun mcveigh
Ana Tiwary, Diversity in Australian Media
Tarek Ghandour, student
Dr Chrisoula Lionis
Yamin Belmessous, Student
Lewis Golding
Omer Aijazi, Research Fellow
Yasmine Ahmed, Director, Rights and Security Int’l
Gabi Briggs, Artist
Marisa Wikramanayake, Journalist and writer
Amelia Jafar, Educator
Lucy Williams
Idrisa Pandit, Academic and activist
Omar Ramahi, Professor
Zainab Ramahi, Independent scholar
Daz Chandler, Artist and Filmmaker
Jessica Jeanfield, Performing artists
Dr Emma Colvill
Margaret Kertesz, Researcher
Tarik Yasin Ahlip, Artist and Architect
Cin Webb, Academic
Laura Wiebe, Artist
Moe Assaad, Artist
Yara Jarallah, Academic
Dr Stuart Rees AM, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney
Nawal Abdi
Dr Rand Hazou
Eme, Artist
Bilquis Ghani, PhD candidate
Shahd Alburgif
Maryam Azam, Writer
Hanada Ghazala, Embryologist/Andrologist
Christian Ramilo, Musician
Raneem, Student
Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer
Mohamad Tabbaa, writer
Cathy Humphreys, Professor
Katie Rowell, social worker
David Lenton
Nadia David, Associate Lecturer
Dr Eve Vincent
Georgia Smedley, Documentary Photographer
Peter Boyce, Adjunct Professor
Christopher Raffoul, Student
Maddee Clark, Writer and researcher
Anastasia Murney, PhD Candidate and Casual Academic
Dr Jes Layton
Violeta Marticorena Politoff, Researcher
Dr Jessica Horton
Dr Sara Dehm
Lou Glover, PhD Candidate
Remi Griffiths, Artist
Rhonda Itaoui, PhD Candidate and Sessional Lecturer
Ruth Jabbour, Editor
Helen Chebatte, Author| Actor
Dr Andonis Piperoglou, Historian
Serge Garcia, Urban planner
Dr Phillip Wadds, Academic
Eloise Chandler, researcher and writer
Dr Christina Ho, Associate Professor
Claire Corbett, Writer
David Smith, Academic
Mitchel Cumming, Artist, educator
Sunili Govinnage, Lawyer and writer
Zach Degnan, Artist, student
Dr Valentina Baú, academic
Itrat Memon, IR Student, Business Owner
Ailsa Wild, Writer
Dr Laura Smith-Khan, Academic
Rifaie Tammas, PhD candidate
Kate Walton, writer
Meera Finnigan
Dr Robert Mezyk
Brigitta Olubas, Professor
Sophea Op
Kat Ellinghaus, Associate Professor
Michelle Abraham, Teacher and writer
Eilish Fitzpatrick, Research student
Meghan Bohren, Senior Research Fellow
Anastasia Murney, PhD Candidate and Casual Academic
Sam Blomley, Artist
Dr Amanda Porter
Ariadne Starling, Writer
Robyn Oxley
Joni Meenagh, Lecturer
Adele Perovic, Actor
Dr Enda V Murray, Filmmaker and educator
Dr Louise Boon-Kuo, Academic
bev henwood, grandmother
Rakhshan Rizwan, Writer and Poet
Phoebe Quinn, Academic
Kalhari Jayaweera , Writer
Andy Symington, Writer and PhD candidate
Dr Elyse Methven
Oliver Howson, Audio student
Roz Bellamy, Editor, writer and researcher
Dr Scott Burchill, Academic
Emilie Collyer, Writer and PhD Candidate
Farnaz Shahimi, PhD Candidate
Sha Sarwari, Artist
Tian Zhang, Curator
Fethi Rabhi, Professor
Rayleen Forester, Editor, fine print magazine
Corey J. White, Author
Dr Kate Just, Senior Lecturer
Penelope lake
Katitza Marinkovic, Research Fellow
Andy Butler, artist, writer and curator
Dana Young, Public Health Researcher
Sara El Sayed, Writer
Zena mag
Tim Carroll
Azza Zein, Artist
Dr Alex Gawronski, artist and academic
Patricia Moncrieff, Conservation Consultant
Dr Vacy Vlazna. Coordinator Justice for Palestine Matters
Luke Bacon, Researcher
Dr Liyana Kayali, Lecturer
Angela Smith, Phd Candidate
Thomas Prizeman
Brenda Roy, textile artist
Cher Tan, Writer
Daniel Grima, Musician
Phillip George, Artist / Associate Professor
Geoffrey Nees, Artist
Krystal Hurst, Artist, Gillawarra Arts
Sammy Perryman, Audio Artist
william latham
June Miskell, Arts writer, worker, and academic
Rhonda Pryor
Hanifa Deen, author
Sara Dowse, writer and artist
Azza Zein, Artist
Catherine Morse
Heela Popal, PhD Candidate
Simone Sherriff
Dr Peter Reay-Young, Radiation Oncologist
Dr Elias Habib Nasser, Oncologist
Kate Manlik, PhD Candidate
Rebecca Sheehan, Lecturer
Natalia Yepez
Daniel Nour, Journalist/writer
Yael Leah, artist and activist
Richard Matthews, Associate Professor
Shaun Wilson, A/Prof
Christine Afoa, Writer
Basema Salman
Tobia Fattore, Academic
Dr Ken Winkel
Jeyda Bicer
Liz Conor
Mathew Abbott, academic
Dr. Stephen Pascoe, postdoctoral scholar, historian
Bianca George, Agent
Dr Michael Karadjis
Jake Lynch, Associate Professor
Ceyrone Akkawi, Teacher and writer
Dr. Roger Lamb
Dr Jacqueline Mackaway
Dr Claire Loughnan
Cindy Aulby, Artist and Counsellor
Gabe O’Reilly, PhD Candidate
Phillip Arthur Ellis, poet
Michelle Oxlade
Iffat, Film maker
Nadine Chemali, Writer, researcher & community worker
Darlene Silva Soberano, Poet
Claudia Mullen, Speech Pathologist
Ailsa Blackwood, Writer
Monty Sallur, Writer, Masters Student
Dr Torika Bolatagici, Artist and academic
Riki Bowler
Justin Clemens, Writer
Dr Natalie Osborne, Lecturer
Dr Anna Blair, writer and academic
Sumudu Samarawickrama, Writer
Saha Jones, Next Generation Development Manager AGNSW
Jessie Lu, Researcher and Medical Student
Mona Abdel-Fattah
Dr Norbert Ebert
Deb Kunda, Architect Artist Academic
Joel Stern
Zizi Charida, CEO Community Minds Inc.
Maura Murnane
Charlie Sofo, Artist
Ben Rodin, Writer and Journalist
Divya Venkataraman, Writer
Sally Edith, artist
Les Allester
Michael Stapleton
Neve Mahoney, Editor
Dr Helen Hughes, art historian
Alana Hunt, artist and writer
Jim Malo, Journalist
Rayya Fahed, Student
Federico Fuentes, writer
Mehneez Ali, Activist
Carly Stone, Writer, Editor
Dr Kim Munro
Lise-Keren Durcin, Graphic Designer
Leeann Nokan
Benjamin Laird, writer and programmer
Violeta Marticorena Politoff, Researcher
Soraya Issa, Clinical Psychologist
Paul Mylecharane, Graphic Designer
Dr Susan Engel, academic
Robyn Morgan
Kiera Donnelly, academic and PhD student
Denni Coyte
Amanda Wise, Professor
Rachel Marie, Communications Specialist
Dr Felicity Castagna, Writer
Samar Elhawat
Patrick Weyland-Smith, Science Student
John Salisbury
Alex Maxted
Genevieve Lloyd, Emeritus Professor in Philosophy
Tristan Niemi, Writer
Stephany Guimaraes
Stephen Wright, writer
Rachel Binsalleh, Publisher and Author
Ayah Wehbe
Melinda Smith, poet
Dr Clare Land, Academic/Researcher
Juliette Howard
Khaled almedyab, Researcher
Dr Jasmine Westendorf, Academic
Heikmah, Clinical Researcher
Mostafa Rachwani, Journalist
yasmine moussalli, jeweller
Christopher White, poet
Amanda Todd, Community Services Officer
Dr Melanie Chilianis, Independent Scholar
Georgia Lucy, Artist
Dr Kristine Aquino
Jessica Wilson
Emily Booth, PhD candidate
Emma Caskey
Lorraine Smith
Jalal Ahmad Razi, Lawyer, writer and poet
Naomi Healing, Artist and Curator
Dr Susan Waller
Joseph Crackett
Maree-Clare Fornasier, Academic
Dr Imran Lum
Annie Te Whiu, writer
Dr Ali Gumillya Baker, Mirning artist and academic
Sue Gilbey, story teller
Kim Kruger, Writer and Researcher
Tom Sigal, Record producer
Mikayla Auld
Louise Conboy, Artist
Matin, Masters Graduate
Marielle Stratikopoulos
Rachael Egan, Student,Artist
janelle mendham, Artist
Linda Briskman, Professor
Dr Thomas Baudinette, Academic
Meghan morris, Student
Nyssa Levings, Artist
William Peterson, Associate Professor
Elia Harding, writer
Dr Hugh Finn
Ryan Delaney, PhD candidate
Dr James Ley
Melati Lum, Author and lawyer
Krishan Meepe
Nigel Farley, Artist
Victoria Ryle
Phil Allen, MA (International studies)
Kazi Sharmin Rashid
DHRSH, Recording Artist, Producer
Bree Alexander, Writer
Paola Balla, PhD Candidate, Aboriginal Lecturer, Researcher, Artist, Curator
Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Dancer and Choreographer
Dr Hoda Afshar
Sukhdeep Singh / L-FRESH The LION Artist / Musician
Partho Sen-Gupta, Filmmaker
Wendy Bacon, Journalist
Rose Richani, Writer, Storyteller, Journalist
Asma Fahmi, Writer
Dr Susan Carland, academic
Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, Artist
Gemma E. Mahadeo, writer & musician
Sylvia Posadas, Poet
Dr Gilbert Caluya, Lecturer
Emily Sweeney
Kate Davison, academic
Dean Ferguson, Game Developer/Artist
Daniel Schultheis, Filmmaker
Dr Elaine Laforteza
Felicity Stewart, Teacher
Rebecca Heland
Jacqui Ward
Paul Flynn
Alana Rivera Kingston, Artist
Gina Horn
Steve RE Pereira, Cultural Producer
Anne Brewster, Associate Professor
Tinonee Pym, academic
Lamisse Hamouda, Writer
Grace Gorman
Fr. Pat Cunningham
Ulya Niami Efrina Jamson, PhD Student
Fadia Abboud, Filmmaker
Dr Licho Lopez
Mohammad Mudassir Nadeem
Amna Karra-Hassan, Speaker, Activist & Consultant
Crystal Lim, Artist
Michael Roberts, Union member and Victorian Socialists member
Dr Ella OKeefe
Yen Pham, Writer and Educator
Kate MacNicol
Tala Abdulhadi, Activist
Marita Dyson, artist
Gabs Collie (Rudy.V), Artist
Basema A, MA
Tasneem Chopra, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
Stuart Vaskess, Artist
Huma Dar, Adj Professor
Ben Gook, Academic
Ting Huang, writer
Drew Pavlou
Dr Hayley Singer
Sara Cheikh, PhD student
Dr Catriona Menzies-Pike, editor
Likhain (Mia Sereno), artist and writer
Alison Croggon, Writer
Kelsey Oldham, Editor, Books+Publishing
Dr Alistair Sisson, Academic
Dr Edward Hurcombe
Sertan Saral, PhD Candidate
Serkan Ozturk, Publisher & Journalist
Monique Choy
Dr Alissa Macoun, Lecturer
Shada Diab, Teacher
Mikele Prestia
Caitlin McGregor, writer, editor and critic
Robyn Wells, Lecturer
Sulafa Zidani
Dr. Yomna Elsayed, Lecturer
Elaine Lin, Archaeologist
Tom Ballard, Comedian & writer
Scott Webster, PhD Candidate
Daniel Denton, Musician
Jessica Hatrick, Doctoral Student, University of Southern California
Fern York, Teacher / Artist / Curator
Meaghan Morris, Professor
Tim Busuttil, Academic
Russ Radcliffe, Editor
Osman Faruqi, Journalist
Yen-Rong Wong, Writer
Alice Cottrell, Publisher
Sarah Schmidt, Author
Stewart Smith, Teacher
Grant Regan, Visual Artist and Lecturer
Dr Karen Crowe
Peter Burdon, Associate Professor
Dr Jason Tuckwell, WSU
Alex Reilly, Professor
Richard Barber, Theatre worker
Pongjit Saphakhun, Theatre artist
Lara Week, designer and creative producer for theatre
Carielyn Tunion
Julie Kimber, Senior Lecturer, Swinburne University
Sisonke Msimang, Writer
Dr Sue Bond, writer
Alison Evans, writer
Dr Megan Weier, Academic
Allen “Solo Monk” Elbourne, Pasifika Migrant Activist
Stella Maynard, Writer and editor
Anwen Crawford, writer
Sonia Qadir, PhD student
Ezz Monem, Artist
Josh Schmidt, Academic
ondjaki (angola), palestina livre
Alannah McCann
Dr Senthorun Raj
Karen Wyld, writer & HDR student
Julie Blythe, PhD candidate
Meera Atkinson, Writer and academic
Ana Harcha Cortés, Artist
Louis Haddad, Academic and Sculptor
Daniel Marabolí Bernales, Music, teacher and performing artist
Magdalena Cattan-Lavin, Academic and PhD candidate
Dr Dan Tout, Lecturer
Dr Alison Mitchell, Academic
Dr Thomas Smith, Artist and researcher
Tracey Bunda, Professor
Daniel Mathews, senior lecturer
Eileen Chong, Poet
Liam Ferney, Poet
Sam Wallman, Cartoonist
Floyd Kermode
Jon Tjhia, Writer and artist
Antony Loewenstein, Independent journalist
Magdalena Cattan-Lavin, Academic and PhD candidate
Dr John Docker
Terahn Robinson
Clive Rosewarne, PhD candidate
David M. Pritchard, Associate Professor


Micaela Sahhar

Micaela Sahhar is an Australian-Palestinian writer and educator.  She holds a doctorate focusing on national narrative and media coverage during Israeli assaults on Palestine in the 21st century. Her essays, poetry and commentary have appeared in CorditeOverland and the Griffith Review among others. She is a Next Chapter Fellow (2021) and travelled to Palestine recently on a Neilma Sidney Literary Travel Fund Grant.

More by Micaela Sahhar ›

Sara M Saleh

Sara M Saleh is the daughter of migrants from Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon, living on Gadigal land. A campaigner, writer, and poet, Sara’s work has been published in English and Arabic, and she co-edited the anthology Arab-Australian-Other. Sara received the 2021 Peter Porter Poetry Prize, and is developing her debut novel

More by Sara M Saleh ›

Randa Abdel-Fattah

Randa Abdel-Fattah is an internationally award-winning author, former lawyer and a human rights and anti-racism advocate. She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Sociology at Macquarie University where she researches race, Islamophobia and the war on terror.

More by Randa Abdel-Fattah ›

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