Matt Chun

Matt Chun is an artist and writer based on Yuin land. His work spans drawing, essays, comics and picture books.

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  1. I can’t tell you how moved I am by this collection. To see whatI know about Australian history so elegantly illustrated is a joy. I think this book, with its beautiful illustrations and words,would give others,who may not understand the racist history of Australia,reason to pause and reflect. Thank you to Matt and to you for publishing

  2. This should be compulsory reading for school and university students. First Nations people everywhere are calling for “truth telling”. Let’s get it started right here!

  3. I do agree with Ann that this should be included in all school curriculums
    As to the copy “Endeavour” my marine carpenter Denis (named for our Irish grandfather)
    is remembered for fitting out the main “hall” with beautiful woodwork. Margaret Wiener

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