The rent is too high

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Fury is a writer, activist, adventurer, poet, redhead, comedian, layabout, do-gooder, trouble maker who lives in Melbourne. Their dream date would be a long walk on the beach, virgin daiquiris and a light but thorough smashing of the patriarchy.

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  1. Hi Fury, negatively geared properties can’t be left empty. The ATO only allows investors to negatively gear a property if it is rented or available for rent at market rates. If the property is kept vacant then the investor is not allowed to claim a deduction. So negative gearing actually encourages investors to make the property available to rent, which is the complete opposite of the premise of your infographic.

    More details here:

    1. Just because negatively geared properties ‘can’t’ be left vacant, doesn’t mean they are not. Nominally, you can only claim a deduction if you are using the property as an investment and don’t charge rent below the market rate, but that doesn’t prevent people from making dodgy cash in hand arrangements with family members/friends.

  2. If the Labor Party and the Unions are fair dinkum about taking on Shonky and Co. re: the 2020 Depression, they HAVE to get the abolition of Negative Gearing back on the table.

    Negative Gearing kills economies. It’s that simple !!!

    1. So … do you think there’s any chance that Shonky Morrison’s government will be pushed to end the life support for ‘Zombie Real Estate’ via Negative Gearing ???

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