Author note: This version of the P[a]ra[pra]xis app for iPad is one facet of a continually evolving generative text work in collaboration with Mark Havryliv. Other iterations include standalone and networked generation and sonification of text in realtime. The object is always to call into question the ‘permanence’ and thus the authority with which print and screen inscribe the written word.

Josh Mei-Ling Dubrau

Joshua Mei-Ling Dubrau holds a PhD in Creative Writing from UNSW. Her work has appeared in Poetry and the Trace (Puncher & Wattman, 2013) Southerly, Cordite, Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, The Night Road (Newcastle Poetry Prize judges’ anthology 2009) and Computer Music Journal.

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Mark Havryliv

Mark Havryliv is a composer, programmer and interaction designer with a PhD in Mechatronics. He is interested in the musical possibilities of integrating realtime sonification with other disciplines like game design and creative writing and has developed several software packages for doing so. He has presented and published original research on haptics, mobile phone music, and computer music.

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