Networking drinks

‘You see society through old
frames, you are perpetuating that
against which you argue,’
says a confident boy with flushed
capillaries, exalting in this
repartee. ‘No, what I am saying is,
the historically oppressed
form allegiances based
on the common ground of dis-
advantage. It’s a well
known historical framework
through which to consider
societal behaviour.’ I
hold my gaze. His eyes bulge
as he takes a swig from
his Old Fashioned, looking
down his straight nose
at me. ‘Why are we still
bandying about old terms?
Why do we still talk
of race and gender?
Have the last fifty years
meant nothing?’
I open my mouth and
push bubbles out.

We are talking
underwater, sacks
over our heads, like
dipped witches.



Image: ‘Drinks’ / flickr



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Charlotte Guest

Charlotte Guest is a writer and publishing officer at UWA Publishing. Her debut collection Soap is due out in late 2017.

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