We don’t want a future where literature is a thing that used to happen.


In the most recent funding round, we were told that after 2020, Overland will no longer be eligible for ongoing funding from the federal government.

If we don’t make up the shortfall, that’s a loss of $80,000 a year from all the things we do – from activities such as:

– publishing a broad range of voices across literary forms
– providing residencies to under-represented writers
– running a range of literary prizes that offer significant support
– producing a daily online magazine where we critique literature, culture, the government and the society we live in so we can work towards a better future.

But it’s not just us that is suffering. In the latest report about federal arts funding, it was revealed that Australia Council grants to literature fell by more than half. Literature now receives just 2.7% of funds the Australia Council distributes to the arts.

We see this kind of disdain in the broader cultural landscape, with the proposed closure of UWA Publishing (please sign the petition), and the uncertain future for Tasmania’s Island magazine, and potentially many more literary organisations.

Literature has the highest participation rates of the arts. Writing is a thing we do to express our humanity; it is a way for us to understand and critique the world.

Literature is not a commodity, for no two poems are ever the same. It is a social activity that gives us collective ways to imagine what a future world could look like, through poetry, through fiction, through essay.

This is of course why neoliberalism is so hostile to literature and writing. Because it gives us ways to outthink the current system, and the horrors that system brings. Literature allows us to imagine new worlds, to propose new challenges to the present. Literature matters.

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It takes a village of literary journals to make a culture


It takes a village of journals – with their distinctive preoccupations, aesthetics, styles and passions – to make a literary culture. Overland would be impossible without its fellow journals – publications that foster a culture of writing and ideas, criticism and debate. If you like Overland, you’ll probably enjoy one of these other publications we offer discounted joint subscriptions with:

Since 1979, Island has been one of Australia’s leading literary magazines. Today, the publication is a print-only quarterly of ideas, writing and culture. You can take out an Overland & Island joint subscription for $102.

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Westerly has been shaping Australian literature from the west coast since 1956. The magazine maintains a special emphasis on Australia, particularly Western Australia, and the Asian region. A joint Overland & Westerly subscription is just $96.

Southerly is Australia’s oldest literary magazine. Launched in 1939, it continues to build a bridge between the academy and the garret. A joint subscription is only $114.50.

A friend to writers, books and the arts, Australian Book Review publishes ten issues a year filled with first-rate commentary, reviews and essays on all things cultural. A joint subscription costs $130 – that’s fourteen issues in total!

Meanjin is one of Overland’s oldest friends and sporting competitors. This quarterly reflects the breadth of contemporary thinking, and literature. For a combined sub price of $138 a year, you’ll get eight issues a year and a warm feeling.

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Monday (11 Nov):
Through the heliosphere!

For those really committed to their projects.
Dedicated to the Voyager 2 team, who persevered for 40 years,
and are now learning what lies beyond the solar system


Stop. Grammar Time. class at The Good Copy (Collingwood)

Two passes to Cinema Nova for any film

One-year subscription to Jacobin

One-year subscription to Crikey

A bottle of Noisy Ritual 2018 Heathcote Shiraz

Limited edition Overland t-shirt, with original intricate illustration of solidarity by cartoonist Sam Wallman

A selection of the finest nonfiction books:

A signed copy of Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

See what you made me do by Jess Hill

From secret ballot to democracy sausage by Judith Brett

How to do nothing by Jenny Odell

A massacre in Mexico by Anabel Hernádez

Goodnight Trump by Erich Origen and Gan Golan

And a Scribe nonfiction pack:

Fascists Among Us by Jeff Sparrow

First, They Erased Our Name by Habiburahman

Guest House For Young Widows by Azadeh Moaveni

Fentanyl, Inc. by Ben Westhoff

Pills, Powder, and Smoke by Antony Loewenstein

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Major Prize One:
Brave New Wombat


One-week writing retreat at The Burrow at Wombat Bend in the Yarra Valley (includes seven nights accommodation in a beautiful cottage on a Land For Wildlife property, and breakfast provisions)
One-year subscription to Crikey
A bottle of Noisy Ritual 2018 Heathcote Shiraz
A  Scribe fiction pack:
Fly already by Etgar Keret
Among the lost by Emiliano Monge
The near and far: volume 2 by David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short
Shoot through by JM Green
The eighth life by Nine Haratischvil

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Major Prize Two:
Station Adelaide


A weekend for two at the Adelaide Festival! Explore Adelaide Writers’ Week, the Adelaide Biennial, the Adelaide International (at the Samstag Museum), and A Doll’s House (in Rundle Mall). This prize includes:

– two flights from anywhere in Australia

– two nights accommodation in the heart of Adelaide

– the following performances at Adelaide Festival:

The Doctor

150 Psalms

Between Tiny Cities

The opening night concert

A bottle of Noisy Ritual 2018 Heathcote Shiraz

One-year subscription to Crikey

The Penguin Classics Book by Henry Eliot

A Text Classics pack:

Shooting star by Peter Temple

The women in black by Madeleine St John

The watch tower by Elizabeth Harrower

A dutiful daughter by Thomas Keneally

Fishing in the Styx by Ruth Park

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Major Prize Three:
Nineteen Eighty Meow!


Oculus Go standalone VR headset (allowing 3D experiences from your own living room)

Petcube Play – an interactive wifi pet camera that allows you to watch, talk to or play laser with your pet(s) when not at home

One-year subscription to Humble Bundle Monthly (a curated selection of games emailed to you each month)

A digital literature workshop for you and five members of your writing group/community. To be facilitated by poet and programmer Benjamin Laird in early 2020 (note, can also be used for basic coding and/or creating a website)

A bottle of Noisy Ritual 2018 Heathcote Shiraz

One-year subscription to Crikey

A selection of excellent books:

Celestial bodies by Jokha Alharthi

Mr lear: a life of art and nonsense by Jenny Uglow

Edinburgh by Alexander Chee

Selected writings by George Seddon

Dry milk by Huo Yan

Outnumbered by David Sumpter

Everybody lies by Seth Stephends-Davidowitz

The shining wall by Melissa Ferguson

Betraying big brother by Hong Fincher

Salt by Bruce Pascoe

Secret by Brian Toohey

Spectacle: rare and astonishing photographs by National Geographic

Middle earth: journeys in myth and legend by Donato Giancola

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Major Prize Four:
Do androids dream of writing in Bali?

Important note: if you wish to go in the draw for this major prize,
please indicate as much in the ‘Notes’ section when you take out a subscription


A one-month writing and cultural immersion residency in Canggu, Bali through Global Hobo:

Learn the ropes of freelance writing while immersing yourself in Balinese culture. You’ll attend workshops on topics such as styles of writing, how to pitch and how to start your own publication. You’ll also be wrapping your tongue around the Indonesian language at esteemed local school Cinta Bahasa. This is an excellent opportunity for an aspiring writer  looking to challenge themselves, experience Bali outside of the tourism vortex and build up their portfolio.

$300 contribution toward flights to and/or from the residency

A bottle of Noisy Ritual 2018 Heathcote Shiraz

One-year subscription to Crikey

A very exciting TLB pack, including current issue of The Lifted Brow and Blak Brow, and the following Brow books:

Balancing acts: women in sport

Lawschool by Benjamin and Jenny Phang

The best of the Lifted Brow Vol 2

Going postal: more than ‘yes’ or ‘no’



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