Announcing Overland’s new editors

Earlier this year, Overland announced that we were looking for a new editor, the first time in the magazine’s 65-year history that the position was openly advertised. We received many impressive applications, outlining varied and original visions for the future of the magazine, and which all shared a passion for the importance of left-wing literary discourse.

After an extensive application and interview process, Overland is thrilled to announce the appointment of our two new co-editors, Evelyn Araluen Corr and Jonathan Dunk, who will begin their editorship in late 2019.

Evelyn Araluen Corr is an award-winning poet, writer, educator and researcher who has been working with Indigenous literatures at the University of Sydney. Born, raised, and writing in Dharug country, she is a Bundjalung descendant. Jonathan Dunk teaches literature and critical theory at the University of Sydney, where he was the inaugural Kenneth Reed Postgraduate Scholar. His scholarship, fiction and poetry have been published widely.

It’s a tremendously exciting appointment, says outgoing editor Jacinda Woodhead. ‘Evelyn and Jonathan are dynamic writer-editors who are super smart and incredibly passionate about all forms of literature, about culture and collaboration, and about the kind of work that is fundamental to the spirit of Overland. I’ve been reading their respective writings for some time, and have been working with Evelyn in particular for a number of years now, and it is wonderful to see their hard work and talent being recognised in this way.’

Evelyn is honoured, she says, to be given the opportunity ‘to work for a journal that I’ve loved, read and admired for years. Knowing first-hand Overland’s generosity and dedication to emerging writers of colour and culture, I’m proud to take a role in continuing this legacy.’

‘It’s a thrilling and challenging opportunity to become a larger part of Australia’s most radical journal,’ says Jonathan. ‘I keenly anticipate working with Overland’s brilliant writers and staff, not to mention my co-editor, to continue its vital role.’

The work of these editors to date clearly demonstrates their active engagement in the literary space, as well as their care and commitment for supporting writers, observes Overland’s Rachael McGuirk, who represented staff during the appointment process. ‘When asked what qualities they valued most in editors, their responses included “intellectual generosity”, “empathy” and “courage” – this combination of humility and fire will make for two brilliant co-editors to lead Overland into its future.’

Overland chair Dr Bronwyn Cran agrees, noting that this is an exciting time of transition. ‘The magazine had had co-editors previously, and a non-hierarchical model works exceedingly well for a collective cultural organisation looking to take important ideas to new audiences.’

What’s ahead for the magazine for the immediate future? The co-editors are keen to foster a space for the kinds of political critique seldom encouraged by the neoliberal university, and to honour Overland’s project of radical thought and imagination. ‘We hope to bring the same dedication and integrity to this position demonstrated by the outgoing editor,’ Evelyn says.


Image: Diane Helentjaris / Unsplash

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

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  1. This is a brilliant appointment! Congrats to Overland and to Evelyn & Jonathan, whose collective “intellectual generosity”, “empathy” and “courage” – not to mention humility & fire – is contagious, lit as fuck & makes room in rooms where there are no doors.

  2. This is good news for the journal and Australian letters. I look forward to the continued high quality of editorial, which Jeff, Jacinda and others maintained. Congratulations to both Evelyn and Jonathan, and, best of luck to Overland as an institution.

  3. So glad to hear you are the new editor, I am the author of palm island, through a long lease. I would like to submit a memoir piece about growing up in Brisbane during the Vietnam war. Is that of any interest to upcoming publications?

    Kind regards Joanne

  4. As a long time subscriber and blog + comments reader this is exciting news – and co-editing is surely the future. Congratulations to Evelyn and Jonathan.

  5. As an Overland subscriber, I’m delighted to hear of these appointments. We need ethical media voices more than ever. Congratulations to the new editors and to Overland.

  6. Congratulations Evelyn and Jonathan on being the editors of Overland. A coup for Overland for sure.

  7. Bravo Overland for your willingness to embrace a different model of managing the magazine by appointing two editors. Replacing the exceptional Jacinda Woodhead – after her six years of valued leadership – can’t have been easy. Evelyn and Jonathon are an inspired choice. Best wishes to Jacinda in the next phase of her career.

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