Our fiction submissions are open for one week!

Fiction submissions are open for our first print edition of 2019!

We are pleased to announce that fiction submissions are open for a one-week period, from Friday 1 February until Friday 8 February, for consideration for our first edition of 2019. Fiction for the edition will be guest edited by Evelyn Araluen and Jonathan Dunk.


About the edition

You may be familiar with the kinds of fiction Overland publishes – politically engaged, intellectually challenging and emotionally charged, across a range of genres and styles.

Co-editors Araluen and Dunk have some additional thoughts about the kind of work they’re looking for:

Mark Fisher wrote that it’s become easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism – but the world is among other things, an idea. We’re interested in writing that disturbs and reinvents what can be imagined, writing that makes new worlds out of cosmic dust, or calls up the ghosts of old ones from the wandering signifiers of deep time. Writing that fractures and blurs the false distinction between politics and art.

Preferred length is between 2000 and 3000 words.

Payment for stories published in the edition is $500.

Kindly note: due to the number of submissions our editors receive, we ask that writers submit no more than two stories for consideration for this edition.


About the editors

Evelyn Araluen is a poet, researcher, and educator working with Indigenous literatures at the University of Sydney. She is the co-coordinator of Black Rhymes Aboriginal Poetry Night in Redfern, and a founding member of grassroots activism network Students Support Aboriginal Communities. In 2017 she won the Nakata Brophy Prize for Young Indigenous Writers, and in 2018 she won Overland’s Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

Jonathan Dunk is the Kenneth Reed Postgraduate Scholar at the University of Sydney, where he teaches literature and critical theory. His scholarship, fiction and poetry have been published in JASALTripwireMeanjinSoutherlyABRCorditeAustralian Poetry, shortlisted for the Overland Victoria University prize, and awarded the AD Hope prize. He lives on Wangal country.


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Image: ‘Milky Way above the railway yards’ / flickr

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