Our never-before attempted VR event at the 2018 Digital Writers’ Festival

The Politics and Possibilities of Virtual Reality

7 pm (AEDT) Thursday 1 November
Online (via AltspaceVR or Digital Writers’ Festival site)

Join Overland‘s resident tech-genius and poet Benjamin Laird, experimental storyteller Mez Breeze, and writer and VR enthusiast Mark Riboldi to boldly go where no writers have gone before: a panel examining the history and present of VR taking place in virtual space!

So satisfy your Matrix-spurred curiosity with this free event, as part of the 2018 Digital Writers Festival, and learn what happens when we finally go beyond imagining to immersing ourselves in alternative realities.

Various and easy ways to join this event:

  1. Attend in virtual space! For this you’ll need a compatible device (Google Daydream, Gear VR, Oculus Go, etc) and a free account. Find out how on AltspaceVR.
  2. In 2D mobile mode via an Android mobile device, using the AltspaceVRapp.
  3. In 2D desktop mode. For this option, install the AltspaceVR app on your Windows machine.
  4. If that all sounds too much for your first foray into VR, watch the YouTube stream instead! You’ll hear the discussion, can ask questions, and will have a window onto the Overland+DWF VR space. Watch via the DWF website from 7pm.

Check out the rest of the 2018 festival program

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