Overland at the Feminist Writers Festival

Writing politics, writing feminism  

10am Friday 26 August
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Australian politics is a known boys’ club, but feminist writers have been challenging this culture for decades. Three feminist writers with varied experiences and perspectives of writing about politics lead this panel. What does a feminist lens bring to political writing and what are some of the politics of feminism itself?

With Evelyn Araluen, Clementine Ford, Jenna Price and Louise Taylor.

Note: Evelyn Araluen appears courtesy of Overland


The politics of personal writing

2pm Friday 26 August
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre
210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

In 1969, Carol Hanisch wrote The Personal Is Political, arguing that personal problems are political problems requiring collective solutions. This concept resonated through the feminist movement and continues to inform. However, there are costs to personal writing and women are often pushed to reveal all regardless of  their desire to take a less confessional approach.

With Overland deputy editor Stephanie Convery, Maria Tumarkin and Fiona Wright.


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