Opportunity for an emerging fiction editor

An opportunity exists for an emerging editor to work on an online edition of fiction for Overland.

Every year, Overland publishes several online editions showcasing stories by new and emerging writers. In the past, these have been curated by editors from Overland‘s team of volunteer fiction readers. But Overland is now calling for applications from emerging editors to work on the edition scheduled to appear in April 2015.

The successful applicant will receive a one-off payment to read a large number of submitted stories and to select four for online publication. He or she will be an Overland subscriber with sufficient familiarity with the journal to curate writing that is appropriate. He or she will have a demonstrable interest in Australian fiction and will be capable of writing a short editorial to introduce the edition. The fiction will be read and assessed online; the applicant can be based anywhere in Australia.

Please submit a brief CV, and one or two paragraphs as to why you are the right person for the position.

Applications close midnight on 21 November 2014.


Previous special fiction editions guest edited by:

Kate Goldsworthy

Oliver Driscoll

SJ Finn

Emily Laidlaw

Miranda Camboni

Editorial team

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