Thanks for 50 years of prohibition …

This year marks 50 years of drug prohibition. 50 years since the United Nations adopted the first international treaty to prohibit certain drugs. And, in the spirit of cordiality and a large amount of tongue and cheek, there are those who would like to send their thanks.

From Igor, Russian heroin trader.

From Azlan, Taliban Leader.

There are some, with just as much cordiality but no tongue and cheek, asking – it would seem – trickier questions:

But back to the thanks.

From Marika, girlfriend of a drug kingpin.

And from Pablo, cartel owner in Mexico City.

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SJ Finn is an Australian writer and the founder of International Overdose Awareness Day. Her novel ‘Down to the River’ was published in March 2015 (Sleepers Publishing). She can be found at www.sjfinn.com

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