Subscriberthon Day 5: It’s Friday, you need a drink – and a good book

clip_image0021Strawberries and cream. Horses and carriages. Writers and alcohol. Nothing is a more natural fit, especially on a Friday. That’s why anyone who subscribes or resubscribes today goes into the running for, along with all the other general prizes, one of four crates of Platypus Gully wine. Here’s the skinny on Platypus Gully:

Made from MV6 and D5V12 vines planted from 1993 to 1996, the wine exhibits typical varietal nose with a deep crimson colour and fresh berry flavours. Coincidentally beautiful black cherries are grown in the region. The grapes were hand picked in March 2006, fermented in stainless steel vats and aged in new French oak for 18 months. It was bottled in January 2008 at 13.0%.

Platypus live in a dam in a deep gully 80 ft below the vineyard surrounded by tree ferns and beautiful Blackwood trees. The wine is a full flavoured but easy drinking style and is ideal for accompanying food or for just sipping by the glass.

The wine sells for $14 wholesale and $25 retail a bottle and is often seen in restaurants at $40 per bottle.

Your Overland subscription provides a whole year of quality literature and politics. But how much better will the journal seem if you read it while quaffing from your crate of wine?

But that, subscribers-to-be, is not all! We also have a dazzling collection of fiction bundles to give away today:

Torpedo, a collector’s item
That’s right, the entire lifespan of journal Torpedo, which has now, sadly, stopped printing: Issues 1–6, plus Torpedo Greatest Hits.

Known UnknownsThe complete Affirm Press short Long Story Shorts series
The Affirm Press long short story collections: Having Cried Wolf, Gretchen Shirm; Under Stones, Bob Franklin; Known Unknowns, Emmett Stinson; Nineteen Seventysomething, Barry Divola.

Fiction escape 1
Scintillating reads from new writers: Rocks in the Belly, Jon Bauer (Scribe); Notorious, Roberta Lowing (Allen & Unwin); The Sleepers Almanac No.6 (Sleepers).

'Equator'Fiction escape 2
Experience the world from a different perspective with Equator: a novel by Wayne Ashton (Fremantle Press); Hand Me Down World by Lloyd Jones (Text), acclaimed author of Mister Pip; and the always surprising Sleepers Almanac No.6 (Sleepers).

Folks, you know what to do.

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