Steve Fielding is confused

no news there, but this is hilarious:Fielding likens same sex marriage to incest

Jennifer Mills

Jennifer Mills was Overland fiction editor between 2012 and 2018. Her latest novel, The Airways, is out through Picador.

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  1. And they should be burnt at the stake as witches! Aaaargh! Incite an angry mob Fielding, you know you want to! Pull out the pitch forks and chase down Frankenstein or whatever it is you’re seeing in that adorable little mind of yours that has you so scared.

  2. Sophie, I think I just had a Zen moment. Followed by some of what the kids these days call lol.

    “It’s not right” – Australia’s best defense against insight and reason.

  3. La perception des âmes désolées.

    C’est la
    perception des
    âmes désolées,
    et quand le
    tourment descend
    pour décrire
    le portrait d’une
    ombre matinale
    je vois, dans
    la mer, une ombre
    infinie qui rappelle
    la jeunesse.

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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