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Maybe the whole world already knows about this but I’ve just discovered Livestation. You download a little viewer thing and suddenly you have free live access to just about every cable news service. As well as the BBC and CSPAN and the rest, you can watch the Aljazeera English channel. It’s the only network with a journalist reporting live from Gaza (as opposed to watching from the Israeli side of the border). As you might expect, the perspective there is a little different — especially now that the IDF has, apparently, fired white phosphorous shells at a UN refugee agency containing hundreds of civilians. As someone on Aljazeera just said, imagine the outcry if Hamas had fired phosphorous (it works like napalm) at American civilians in a clearly marked UN refugee facility.

despite Israeli shells setting the local headquarters of the UN refugee agency on fire earlier today. The building was hit by what appeared to be  as Israeli forces pushed deeper into Gaza City.

Jeff Sparrow

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