Pitch to Overland

Overland is always looking for nonfiction pieces, especially for its online magazine. Each week, we will list particular subjects that seem interesting – though we consider pitches on any topics. Most of all, we’re looking for thoughtful, provocative and argumentative articles, pieces that will provoke discussion and debate. You can pitch to us on one of the topics below, or submit completed articles (of between 500 and 1000 words) to us via our submissions page. We pay $70 for online articles.

At the moment, these topics seem worth investigating:

Given his latest on-air scandal, should Eddie McGuire be fired (or forced to resign) from his various powerful, public positions? Why/why not?

There has been a lot of debate about whether the shooting of British MP Jo Cox should be referred to as ‘terrorism’, but why is the media so reluctant to call it an assassination?

Last week, Daniel Andrews, poster child for the Labor left, voiced his support for a New York-style ban on boycotts (particularly, the BDS). What’s driving this? How committed is the Victorian Labor Party to such a position?

Maggie Nelson’s memoir The Argonauts is striking in analysis and unconventional in form. Have you read it? Do you have an argument to make about its treatment of queerness, gender and the body?

Education / Activism
The fight for education is on, with both Labor and Liberal party policies suggesting that higher education is only for the rich, while Malcolm Turnbull has gone on record saying the Coalition is working towards making Year 12 maths and science compulsory prerequisites for university entrants. What do students think about this? How do we make education a major issue and fight for progressive reform? How do we reignite the ‘free education for all’ movement in Australia?

Actor Noah Galvin recently made a number of disparaging comments about fellow actor Colton Haynes’ treatment of media speculation about his (Haynes’) sexuality. Do LGBTIQ celebrities have a duty to come out?


Note, though: we are open to pitches on any subject.

If you have a completed article, follow the links on the submission page to send it to us.

If you want to pitch an article, we ask you to do so through our online submission system. Overland relies on its subscribers for support: subscribers should use this link to pitch; non-subscribers should use this one.

The submission system will ask you to explain your proposed article in around 100 words and should address the following: What will your piece be about and why are you the person to write it? How will your article be different from other writing on the subject? When will you be able to send the finished piece?

Make sure that your deadline is realistic – if we accept your pitch, we are committing to publishing the article only so long as we receive publishable copy by the specified time and date.

If you can provide links to examples of your writing (whether in other publications or on your own site), please do so.

We look forward to hearing from you!