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What we’re after

Overland is always looking for nonfiction pieces, especially for its online magazine. We update the pitch page with subjects that seem interesting – though we consider pitches on any topics. Most of all, we’re looking for thoughtful, provocative and argumentative articles, pieces that will provoke discussion and debate. You can pitch to us on one of the topics below, or submit completed articles (of between 800 and 1200 words) to us via our submissions page. We pay $120 for published online pieces.

You’ve been sending us a steady stream of submissions on politics, the climate and climate politics. Don’t stop doing that! But here are some other things we’re looking for.


That Cut article we accidentally or intentionally happened upon

Why the fascination with US writing and Instagram culture? Why is so much of the discourse around this culture universalised? And why are people so hungry for insta-celebrities to fall, to be proven to be frauds? After all, Instagram is pure performance, right?

Interrogating ‘best of’ lists and television/literary canon

A fortnight ago, the Guardian released its list of the ‘100 best TV shows of the 21st Century’. Then last week, the ‘100 best books of the 21st Century’. What cultural purpose do lists like these serve? Alternatively, what are the absolutely unmissable books or television shows that are somehow missing from these lists?

Why were there so many influential films made in 1999?

Google ‘films 1999’ or see Brian Raftery’s book Best. Movie. Year. Ever: How 1999 Blew Up the Big Screen. What was happening in this period – politically, socially – that resulted in so many significant and original cultural works? Were they somehow a consequence of or connected to Y2K fears and fatalism? Do streaming services now have a monopoly on original and experimental film and television? We want your thoughts on why so many of the films that came out in 1999 were so damn significant.

Your take on digital storytelling

Is the divide between the digital and the real arbitrary? We’re looking for pieces that track the impact that AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) can have on experience, through new forms of immersive storytelling that defy genre.

Smart essays on TV shows, films or video games

As with books, what we look for is seldom a review that focuses on the merits or demerits of a single text, unless it is uniquely topical or culturally significant. Rather, we favour expansive review essays that make connections between different texts, in an out of their specific, individual art form.

Essays about the publishing industry and the craft of writing

This is another area of interest to our readers that is relatively under-represented in the submissions we’re getting at the moment, outside of the recent lively debate on the value of literary prizes.

Are you a young person taking action on climate change?

Students and young people are leading the way on climate action. We want to know what you think needs to happen next.

Other cultural topics

One of our most popular pieces this year, The wildness of girlhood by Bonnie Mary Liston, started as a pitch and is a good reminder that we welcome ideas on any subject. Surprise us!


If you have a completed article, follow the links on the submission page to send it to us.

How to pitch to us

If you want to pitch an article, we ask you to do so through our online submission system. Overland relies on its subscribers for support: subscribers should use this link to pitch; non-subscribers should use this one.

The submission system will ask you to explain your proposed article in around 100 words and should address the following: What will your piece be about and why are you the person to write it? How will your article be different from other writing on the subject? When will you be able to send the finished piece?

Make sure that your deadline is realistic – if we accept your pitch, we are committing to publishing the article only so long as we receive publishable copy by the specified time and date.

If you can provide links to examples of your writing (whether in other publications or on your own site), please do so.

We look forward to hearing from you!