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Overland is always looking for nonfiction pieces, especially for its online magazine. We update the pitch page with subjects that seem interesting – though we consider pitches on any topics. Most of all, we’re looking for thoughtful, provocative and argumentative articles, pieces that will provoke discussion and debate. You can pitch to us on one of the topics below, or submit completed articles (of between 600 and 1000 words) to us via our submissions page. We pay $120 for published online pieces.

A better life for the end times?

The ACTU, and its Secretary Sally McManus specifically, are spearheading the ‘Change the Rules’ campaign to rip up (or rewrite) key aspects of the Fair Work Act; amongst other demands, to regain the real right to strike, the power for unions to negotiate on behalf of whole industries, and to make it easier for casuals to convert to permanent work.

That is, they want to undo law written by a Labor Government, post-Howard’s Workchoices-inspired demise.

How significant is it for unions to fight to undo Labor legislation? Does this signal a real (and in some quarters, a long sought-for) divide between the unions and Labor? Or is it a solid opportunity for Labor to go left? (And could the unions possibly win it?)

And amid arguments for a universal basic income, a shorter working week, and a post-work re-imagining of what work is, is this the fight the left wants to take up?

‘Why is the poetry world pretending that poetry is not an art form?’

Asked UK poet Rebecca Watts in her recent essay in New Poetry Review, ‘The Cult of the Noble Amateur’. Spoken word, #Instapoetry, performative, autobiographical and direct forms of poetry do seem to be in a boom time. Is Watts right though, are these forms premised on running other forms of poetry down? And is it a comparable scene in Australia, where all poetry, generally, is always gasping for air and funds?

App that

Those of us not on Facebook will always miss some information, some invites, and will often be reduced to making special requests to be remembered. Is the same true for non-online daters? If you don’t use dating apps, hook-up apps, or apps, does app-life still change the way you date or hook-up? Does it make harder, or weirder? Or no different at all?

And if you do date apps, how do apps change your sex life and love life, IRL?

I’m a fan

We’ve all fantasised about being able to change how the crappy series finale of our favourite TV show went down, or perhaps wasted time reimagining iconic characters well beyond the pages of a book. But only some of us have taken the initiative to answer our own ‘what-ifs’.

Fanfiction: the immensely popular form in which writers springboard off original work and expand out their own favourite literary universes. Fanfiction.net and Tumblr are just two sites where writers can revel in their own obsessions with books and shows, and sometimes amass huge followings, gain internet fame and score book deals.

But is fanfiction just a clever ruse, a genre in which to get away with stealing others’ ideas while presenting as a well-intentioned fan? Or a genuine literary form that opens up opportunities for more readers to engage with more writers?


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