Sky updates / blue platform

                      chain of events                         against family

                cold snap                                 foreign investment

                 scratched up car                                  heavy bass

               toothache                                serious motive

     any other secrets?                                willing or unwilling

              thumb print                             the public body

            breath common flex                            time ‘spent’

               throw it away                                       here on in

           sun parses everything                           open question

      going for broke and at that age                        embarrassed

                        wind corridor                          big ask

                            wattle                           imprimatur

          tit for tat article                                    what feels easy

poem with sand in it                            writing a poem in the sand

                 scratchy threat                                     on read

        retrofitting the story                             stars and stripes

  project timeline                                   filling a glass at the sink

                  Holocene                                 flush margin

               char-grilled pineapple                         shed talk

                  press play                                please inbox

                   still available                            checking in

               ventriloquism                           quid pro quo

Sussan knitwear                                   image of the liver

     pay for parking                                    daily trope

  towel, rope, brick                                thirty minutes

               expert                                      antibody

    pleasantries/pleats                               soft package

      tentative touch                                     fabric static

      counter-clockwise                                blowing up


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Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart is a poet and freelance editor based in Sydney.

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