Everything Is Going To Be OK :)

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Author note: ‘Everything is Going To Be OK :)’ is a dialogue in five scenes which is generated from fragments of conversations sourced from Twitter. Each time it is run it is different, and it is different for every reader.

Christopher Rodley

Chris Rodley is a writer for new media and a PhD candidate in Digital Cultures at the University of Sydney. His research is examining the impact of big data on poetics, with a focus on how the ability to find and remix digital information in real time is transforming relationships between texts, writers and readers. He is co-author of a book chapter in The Future of Writing (2014), with Andrew Burrell, and has also written for Guardian Australia and BuzzFeed.

Andrew Burrell

Andrew Burrell is a new media artist with a long history in real time 3D and interactive audio installation. His work explores notions of self and narrative and the implications of networked environments upon identity. His projects for virtual environments have received international recognition; more recently, he has embarked on a series of collaborative e-literature installations with Chris Rodley. He holds a PhD from the University of Sydney.

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