Mouth piece

tongues who feast in salt rinds of passage
narratives of swallow and effect no-
                                                                             one decides
whose hunger carpets in stormy weather
whose sank face, chows, all organs against
in breakneck wanting sunlight position
I might be an empire’s colossus of scale
break of bone — sound of cannon
imagine: long rays out — form of cloud collapse
a sky is indigo blue and its radiate pours
something I see: dreams
                                                                continuous wealth
what narratives are found encrusted
all that is lexicon sought them
same after walls
what forms when whose licks

collapse                                            /d

I call war
in my mouth



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Amelia Zhou

Amelia Zhou works with writing and movement, separately and in combination. Her poetry and non-fiction appear in UK and Australian publications, such as Cordite Poetry Review, Datableed, Gutter Magazine, Australian Book Review, Running Dog and Sydney Morning Herald. She was born and raised in Sydney.

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