Malapropos, my slow mind & mouth

play cyclamen-chlamydia-Clytemnestra


like a musical scale. It embarrassed you

once when I only meant flowers,


only then meant something

of how things turn, on & against –


Tender is the morning

quiet, leaves gently


offering their shapes open

to small hands: hello. Here, gloss & flesh


sudden in the glass;

waves come through sails or sky;


the cat turns to gull or glimpse

of fox. The maiden a crone


like some plain punchline. I knew this

before I ever did.



Image: Gabrielle Ludlow / flickr 




Jo Langdon

Jo Langdon’s latest poetry collection, Glass Life, was published by Five Islands Press in 2018. In 2018 Jo also held a fiction fellowship with the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, and in 2020 her short fiction was recognised in the Newcastle and Olga Masters short story awards. She currently lives and writes on unceded Wadawurrung land in Geelong, Victoria.

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