To try and write say like Mallarmé ah malted tie anodyne or

write it. I had a notice envelope inside and I went into the kit.

The bag had an antidote to my own, or own poem, which was

pronounced ownp. Ownp up an unlatch in tea, int an assertion.

I went up to it. Parked. The quarter poked out. I played

embarrassed Joel Barish in that garish genre Montauk cop

character and gaudy. Twofold chalked up Twombly touched

a back step on Sol LeWitt photography. Secretly new noticed.

Entities. At a quarter past three I went. Ahem. A religious

repetition. 4/10 of an anecdote intended, the rest a consequence

interred troubled dream. Folding chair quantity. Endangered try.

(We do dupe.) In the third person wore a coat in weather. Aunt.

We go into the ligament of a family brush. Her out couch cushion!



Image: Quarter drop / Andrew Malone


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Luke Beesley

Luke Beesley is a Melbourne-based poet. His fourth poetry collection, Jam Sticky Vision, was published by Giramondo in 2015.

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