Their talk

Just around the street corner the sky heard

The man say to the woman

But that’s what this place is like

They don’t trust friendship

They don’t need it

And the tree whom the two had just gone past heard

The woman say

They have their own people clustering around them

And that’s more than enough

And they don’t need any more people

The street, meanwhile, let them walk the walk and talk

The talk

Without making a reply, exactly the way a street


There were other things they talked about

Such as their mutual agreement that

They get used to the generally accepted cultural

Segregation and their newly bred sense of aplomb

And phlegm

As for other things that might hurt if let out

The sky, the tree and the trees, as well as the street

Were willing to keep mum about

So downtrodden by the wheels, the wind or the wings

Like the two

With no hopes of ever changing the



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Ouyang Yu

Ouyang Yu is a poet based in Melbourne and since his first arrival in April 1991 in Australia, he has published quite a few poems. His eighth novel, All the Rivers Ran South, is forthcoming with Puncher & Wattmann in 2023.

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