Issue 207



Jeff Sparrow − Editorial

Judy Horacek

Alison Croggon

Rjurik Davidson


Matthew Clayfield − Waiting on the Arriaga-Ixtepec
The horrific ordeal of America’s immigrants

Jennifer Lee − A big fat fight
The case for fat activism

Gail Dines & Sharon Smith − Porn and the misogyny emergency
What should feminists prioritise?

Jessica Whyte − ‘Intervene, I said’
Human rights versus social justice

Diana M Pho − Leftist constructs
The radicalism of steampunk

Toufic Haddad − The Arab revolutions reloaded
What follows the Arab Spring?

Jo Case, John Weldon & Malcolm Neil − Bookshops, ebooks and the future of the novel
A Meanland roundtable

Louis Proyect − Republican Democrats
The real Barack Obama

Anitra Nelson & Frans Timmerman − Non-market socialism today
Glimpses of another future


Sarah Schmidt − The dolphin

Luke Johnson − Of rivers and blood

Stephen Pham − Holiday in little Saigon


Patrick Jones − Step by Step

Joe Dolce − Starvation Box Blues

Andy Quan − Islands

Pam Brown − To Nina

Sam Langer − ‘Clouds fall like snow on the sky’s clear rocks’

Fiona Hile − Maximum Security

Mark O’Flynn − Corydalis

William Druce − poem a

Sebastian Gurciullo − Published by Global Supermarket Pty Ltd

Fiona Yardley − Your Bath

David Prater − Wireless

Alan Wearne − Also Starring …



Vane Lindesay

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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