Ash-brie’s Old Blue

for the Hillbillies

stripping by the river’s old-
gum language we lick the ash
of brie from abysses
between teeth invite licks
a return to favourites to ri
sing up with the smoke of strings
strummed in the soil keys
the churning current
the mutual slap of skins whitening
wildening of the walkers heightening the chomp
of throat biscuits
in the wooden smoke:_______ Kate’s
interluding the lush

messing speaks bush the being
is ea(r)t(h) rotten
paddies flat
– ter sign –
ing the sigh tolls for whom your
wettening whorls when we stop we
grow silent we
are the photos taken by the old blue

Stuart Cooke

Stuart Cooke’s latest chapbook, Departure into Cloud, was published by Vagabond Press in 2013. His full-length collection is Edge Music (IP, 2011). He is a lecturer in creative writing and literary studies at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

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