Our partnership with CoPower

Overland has a longstanding commitment to progressive discourse on issues of environment, climate, and community organising. This is why the Overland team is pleased to announce our new partnership with CoPower, Australia’s first non-profit energy co-operative. CoPower is member-owned and member-run, with a mission statement to tackle poverty, build community, and take action against the climate crisis. CoPower’s 100% democratically determined budget reinvests surplus funds from their retail energy service into supporting community impact projects and initiatives.

In 2023, with the support of CoPower, we’ll be ensuring that each print edition of Overland holds space for the discussion of sustainable energy, community organising, climate and the environment, in addition to regular online features and special editions throughout the year.

To find out more about CoPower’s mission, services, and impact funding, jump online at https://www.cooperativepower.org.au/ or call 03 9068 6036 today.