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Sriharan Ganeshan

Sriharan Ganeshan was a film photographer and journalist in Sri Lanka before fleeing the war. He documented many of the atrocities that occurred in the north, and was forced to flee his homeland 15 years ago. Sri arrived in Australia by boat and spent six years in detention before his release in 2015. Sri lives in Melbourne, has been involved with MAFA since it started in MITA detention centre in 2013, and has participated in the BriefCase exhibition at The Immigration Museum, The Whirling at NGV and had works in a recent show at No Vacancy. His main field is writing and he is working on his volume of poetry and stories called I See The Moon and The Moon Sees Me. Sri’s writing has been published in Overland, Peril, Writing Through Fences, the Key of Sea Journal and Writing From Below. He has also produced recordings of his poetry in Tamil which have been broadcast in France.

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