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Puralina Meenamatta Jim Everett

Puralia Meenamatta – Jim Everett lives on Cape Barren Island and was born on Flinders Island, Tasmania in 1942, into the clan plangermairreenner of the Turbuna (Mt Ben Lomond) people in Tasmania. Jim left school at 14 years to start a working life that includes 15 years at sea as a fisherman and merchant seaman, Australian Regular Army, and over 50 years formal involvement in the Aboriginal Struggle. With a long history in government Aboriginal Affairs, and community organisations, he has connections throughout Australia including remote Aboriginal communities. Jim began writing poetry at an early age. He wrote his first play, We Are Survivors, in 1984 and produced, directed, and acted in it. His written works include plays, short stories, and political papers. Jim has produced many documentary films, and is published in anthologies including Inside Black Australia: An Anthology of Aboriginal Poetry and Spirit Song: A Collection of Aboriginal Poetry.

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