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Overland’s history

‘I can’t wait to rip open the envelope, make myself a coffee or pour myself a drink, and jump into the conversation.’ – Christos Tsiolkas

For more than sixty years, Overland has been recognised as a cultural institution – a pugnacious magazine discovering new writers, courting controversy and keeping the flame of Australian culture alight.

Over its sixty-five years, Overland has published Australia’s most provocative writers, historians, humourists and cultural critics – Judith Wright, Peter Carey, Patrick White, Elizabeth Jolley, Stuart Macintyre, Germaine Greer, Rodney Hall, Gwen Harwood, Thea Astley, Xavier Herbert, Amanda Lohrey, Bruce Dawe, Manning Clark, Humphrey McQueen, Christina Stead, John Kinsella, Christos Tsiolkas, Cate Kennedy, Nam Le, Alexis Wright, Benjamin Law, Kirsten Tranter, Anwyn Crawford and many others.


Overland’s circulation

Overland is not only iconic – it’s now more read than ever before. At a time when many journals are in decline, Overland enjoys substantial and sustained growth, with circulation increasing each year. The estimated print readership in 2019 is about 12,000 per issue, while the Overland website sees over 90,000 monthly readers.

Overland circulates widely amongst writers, editors, publishers, academics, students and artists. By advertising in Overland you can play an integral part in Australia’s literary and thinking culture.


Overland’s readers

Almost half of Overland’s readers are aged 25–44. They’re highly educated and enjoy sound disposable incomes. Most (86.5%) hold tertiary or postgraduate qualifications, with more than half (59%) earning more than $41,000 and a large minority (26.6%) earning between $61,000 and $80,000.

Our readers are progressive, with an even gender distribution. The majority are also writers. An overwhelming 95% of our readers attend literary and cultural events such as the theatre, film festivals, exhibitions and writers’ festivals. Half of our readers regularly purchase new books, and many of our readers subscribe to Australian and international journals and newspapers.


Overland’s rates and deadlines


Full page $920 (3mths/1 issue) $2990 (12mths/4 issues)

Half page $680 (3mths/I issue) $2190 (12mths/4 issues)

Third page $550 (3mths/1 issue) $1750 (12mths/4 issues)

Quarter page $350 (3mths/1 issue) $1100 (12mths/4 issues)


winter 28 April (bookings) 8 May (artwork)

spring 31 July 7 August

summer 1 November 8 November

autumn 22 Febuary 1 March


Files can be TIFF, JPEG, EPS or PDF but must be at 300 dpi at 100% size.


Side banner: 220 px wide by 400 px high – $300 (1mth), $500 (2mths)

Files must be .jpeg or .png.

Our online advertising is easy to organise. Bookings should be made by the 10th of each month, with artwork supplied the week after booking.

Please note: the purchase of an online advert is the same as hiring the space for a month. This means advertisers can use that space to rotate their product or event at no extra cost.



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