Open letter: Statement of solidarity with Palestine and call to action from the University of Melbourne’s staff, students, and alumni

Dear Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell,

We, the students, staff, and alumni who make up the community at The University of Melbourne, reiterate the NTEU University of Melbourne Branch’s Palestine solidarity statement. We implore The University of Melbourne to stand on the right side of history by condemning Israel’s genocidal attack against the people of Palestine.

In the past 20 days, Israel has killed over 7000 people in Gaza. Israel’s actions constitute “crimes against humanity” and are in “clear violation of international humanitarian law”. Experts have warned of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Israel has destroyed over 42% of the homes in Gaza, and has forcibly displaced over a million Palestinians. As the death toll rises and the United Nations warns of a human catastrophe, experts have urged for the prevention of genocide:

We are sounding the alarm: There is an ongoing campaign by Israel resulting in crimes against humanity in Gaza. Considering statements made by Israeli political leaders and their allies, accompanied by military action in Gaza and escalation of arrests and killing in the West Bank, there is also a risk of genocide against the Palestinian People.

From the Holocaust to Rwanda, we often reflect with shock and horror on the genocides of the 20th century and wonder with bewilderment at how the public would accept or even stay silent in the face of such mass atrocities.

We are in this moment again. It is clear that silence and inaction is how attempted genocide was enabled then, and how it is being accepted now. The historical record will show that the students, staff and alumni of The University of Melbourne refused to look away and instead condemned the genocide we are currently witnessing.

Unfortunately, to date, the recent communications circulated by Duncan Maskell, the Vice Chancellor of The University of Melbourne, to University of Melbourne Staff and Students titled “A message concerning the Israel – Gaza war” enables rather than condemns this genocide.

The University of Melbourne is the highest ranked University on the continent and one of the leading Universities in the world. With the authority that is given to academic expertise, higher education institutions carry a responsibility to accurately, and without censorship, represent the reality of Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza.

Instead the Vice Chancellor’s statement categorically misrepresents the atrocities being committed by the Israeli settler-colonial state against Palestinians in Gaza. Further, it functions to uphold dehumanising and racist discourses about Palestinian People, which furthers Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism and erasure.

The Vice Chancellor’s statement references antisemitism and Islamophobia, but fails to assert the Palestinian People’s rights to self-determination and in doing so, stokes the rise of anti-Palestinian racism on campus. Anti-Palestinian racism includes:

Denying the Nakba and justifying violence against Palestinians; failing to acknowledge Palestinians as an Indigenous people with a collective identity, belonging and rights in relation to occupied and historic Palestine; erasing the human rights and equal dignity and worth of Palestinians; excluding or pressuring others to exclude Palestinian perspectives, Palestinians and their allies; defaming Palestinians and their allies with slander such as being inherently antisemitic, a terrorist threat/sympathiser or opposed to democratic values.

We stand together against the University’s dangerous misrepresentation of the reality in Palestine.

The Vice-Chancellor opens his statement by expressing “the act of terrorism committed by Hamas on Israel has triggered escalating violence in Israel and Gaza.” Both in Australia and internationally, we are witnessing how this framing of Israel’s right “to defend itself against these terrorists” is being deployed to justify the collective punishment of and brutal violence perpetrated against the people of Gaza, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

We affirm that it is Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism that invites dehumanising language that blames Palestinians for “triggering” Israeli perpetrated violence. To be clear, this violence is increasingly being labelled by the international community as unlawful and constituting war crimes.

We express our grave concern about how this misrepresentation of Israel’s genocidal attack against the people of Palestine will contribute to further loss of life in Gaza and harm to Palestinian students, staff and alumni of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor’s statement should uphold international law and acknowledge Palestinian human rights. The use of the label of “war” obfuscates the reality of Israel’s settler colonial violence and indiscriminate killing of over 7000 people in Gaza. Naming what is occurring using accurate language, in line with human rights and international law, is critical to preventing genocide, a form of violence that the Vice-Chancellor fails to mention in his statement.

As Peter Beinart, editor of Jewish Current, questions:

Why is this widespread anti-Palestinian bigotry so difficult to name? Because until society decides that members of a certain group deserve equality, the bigotry that they and their supporters endure generally remains invisible.

As South Africa’s apartheid was brought to a head through widespread economic sanctions by the international community, we support the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement which calls on us to cut ties with Israeli companies that facilitate the apartheid in Palestine.

Maintaining relationships with companies complicit in the ethnic cleansing of the Indigenous people of Palestine cannot co-exist with The University of Melbourne’s stated commitment (as set out in Murmuk Djerring: The University of Melbourne’s Indigenous Strategy) to “confront its colonial past and work towards a future where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, and knowledges are acknowledged and celebrated”.

The IHRA definition of antisemitism, adopted by The University of Melbourne earlier this year, has drawn widespread criticism as it primarily functions to immunise Israel from criticism. If the Vice Chancellor aims to take seriously the respect, protection and freedoms of the University’s community, he must ensure all students and staff are safe to freely express opposition to Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians.

We issue the following calls to action:

  1. We implore The University of Melbourne to stand on the right side of history and condemn Israel’s genocidal attack against the people of Palestine in Gaza.
  2. We echo the NTEU University of Melbourne Branch’s Palestine solidarity statement that calls on The University of Melbourne to immediately cease its partnership with weapons manufacturer Lockhead Martin and to end its relationship with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which by its own admission supports Israeli forces.
  3. We reiterate the NTEU University of Melbourne Branch’s Palestine solidarity statement which demands that the IHRA definition adopted by The University of Melbourne as part of its so-called “anti-racism commitment” be rescinded.
  4. We call on all signatories of this open letter to include the following statement in the signature of their University and/or professional email addresses:

“We, The University of Melbourne students, staff and alumni, call on the University to take an ethical, lawful stance against Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. Further, we call on The University of Melbourne to rescind its adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition and ask the Vice Chancellor to reassure students and staff that their right to political expression is upheld. Please read our full statement, published in Overland.”

Add your name to this letter.

Staff Signatories


Micaela Sahhar, Lecturer and Subject Leader, Trinity College, The University of Melbourne
Elizabeth Strakosch, Lecturer
Natalie Ironfield, Indigenous Higher Degree Research Fellow
Thomas Weight, Graduate Research Teaching Fellow
Claire Akhbari, Subject Coordinator, Australian Indigenous Public Policy
Rusaila Bazlamit, Subject coordinator
Fatih Oguzhan, Sessional Academic Tutor
Angelita Biscotti, Sessional Tutor, School of Culture and Communication
Amanda Porter, Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Law
Aitor Jimenez, Postdoc
Javed de Costa, Technical Lead
Abigail Fisher, Graduate Researcher Teaching Fellow (2023)
Crystal McKinnon, Associate Professor in History, Law and Justice
Chloe Mackenzie, School Operations Coordinator – School of Culture and Communication
Joshua Pocius, Lecturer in Gender Studies, School of Culture and Communication
Holly Jones, Centre Manager
Fin Healy, Sessional tutor
Jo Church, Sessional tutor
Dr Bianca Fileborn, Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Erin Fitz-Henry Senior Lecturer, Anthropology and Development Studies
Charlotte Mertens, Teaching Associate
Dr Eddie Cubillo, Academic
Dr Jane Brophy, Research Assistant
Liam Gillespie, Lecturer in Criminology
Dr Fi Belcher, Research Fellow
Tyne Daile, Sumner ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dave McDonald, Senior Lecturer
Tarneen Onus Browne, Research Assistant
Jordana Silverstein, Senior Research Fellow
Kalissa Alexeyeff, AssociateProfessor
Kathryn Ticehurst, Teaching Associate
Sarah Maddison Director, The Australian Centre
Jaynaya Dwyer, Lecturer
Ridah Student, Current Services Representative & UniMelb alumni
Jeanine Leane, Associate Professor
Danica Cheesley, Senior Enrolment Adviser, Student and Scholarly Services
Ethan Savage
Dr. Kim Alley, Senior Lecturer
Elsie Millar, JD
Sophie Hindes, Teaching Associate
Jessica Marian, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Arlie Alizzi, Research Fellow
Sangita Iyer, Program Support Officer, AFSE
Ben Gook, Lecturer
Mitchell King, Professional staff – Library service officer
Nathan Fioritti, Tutor and Professional Staff Member
Kirsten, AD Indigenous Strategy
Dr Shannon Woodcock, Head Tutor
Rosie Isaac, Tutor in Art
Kayla Clinch, Communications and Engagement Officer
Sahar Ghumkhor, Lecturer in Criminology
Lisa Radford, Lecturer
Dr Elly Scrine, Casual Lecturer
Dr Kyle Harvey, Research Administrator
Juliet Rogers, Associate Professor
Florin, Research Assistant
Erin, Student Services
Alana Scully, Sessional tutor & PhD candidate
Dr Lauren Pikó, Research assistant & sessional lecturer
Dr Dave Pollock, Course Coordinator
Claire Osborn-Li,Student Services Representative
Moonis, Sessional lecturer
Sally Olds, Sessional tutor
Azza Zein, Casual tutor
Kyla Fareeha, Student Services Representative
Sophie Knezic, Tutor/lecturer
Tessa Laird, Senior Lecturer in Critical and Theoretical Studies
Rosie Poulier,  Enrolment advisor at UoM
Tasnim Sammak, Casual
Genevieve Trail,  Graduate Researcher and Tutor
Giles Fielke, Researcher
Lucy Van, Subject Coordinator
Louisa Bufardeci, Casual tutor
Adele Marum, Graduate Research Teaching Fellow; PhD candidate
Katie Wood, Archivist
Caiti Galwey, Research Assistant
Bree Carlton, Senior Lecturer Criminology
Maurice Windleburn, Tutor
Clare Harris, Education abroad advisor
Nina Gilbert, photography technical coordinator
Vera Boylen, Juris Doctor
Pelaya Arapakis, Master of Arts and Cultural Management
Dr Hannah McCann, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies
Elena Benthaus
Kai Perrignon, Tutor
Yaseera Moosa, Sessional tutor + alumni
Uswa Qureshi, Student Library Assistant
Joseph Pike, Bachelor of fine Arts Theatre Making
Diana Johns, Associate Professor in Criminology
Ursula Robinson-Shaw Tutor, PhD candidate
Evgenia Bourova, Research Fellow
Siri, Lecturer
Dove Rengger-Thorpe, Student Experience Coordinator
Nidhi, Student Services Representative
Eloise Faichney, Lecturer
Shakira Hussein,  Honorary Research Fellow/tutor
A Wolf, Student Experience
Eloise Faichney, Lecturer
Jessica Fraser, Research assistant
Elliot Dolan-Evans, Tutor
Emily Hsu, Research assistant
Naoise Caomh Halloran-Mackay Studio & exhibitions technician, VCA School of Art
Guy Webster, Tutor / Academic Services
Douglas Nightingale Research Officer, The Australian Centre
Eman Fatima
Alden Epp, Field Services Consultant
Ruby, Research fellow
Ruth Höflich, Sessional lecturer
Margot Wilson, Research Assistant
Karen Eriksen, Learning Officer
Amba-Rose Atkinson, Indigenous Graduate Research Program Coordinator
Uly Faoziyah, Tutor and PhD Student
Dominique Souter, Tutor/ Administrative Staff
Archie Barry Casual lecturer, PhD candidate
Dan Tout Subject Coordinator in Political Science
Bee Spencer, Asset Officer
Samantha Mannix, Research Assistant
Morgan Jones, Stagecraft Technician and Casual Academic
Sam K, Student Services
Carol Que, Research Assistant
Romi, Coordinator, Student Enrolment
Debris Facility  Sessional Lecturer
Tori Ball, Tutor
Isobel D’Cruz Barnes, Academic Staff
Javeria, Teaching Specialist
Emma Whatman, Subject Coordinator in Gender Studies
Daniel Dunne, Research development coordinator
Sophie Rudolph, Senior Research Fellow
Jake Brown, Casual Tutor
Conor Brett, Academic Tutor and Research Assistant
Jenny Pemiga Santaannop, Project Administrator
Tracey Chen, Tutor
Evan A, Student Services
Callum Simpson, Student Campus Operations Officer
Katie Lovelock, Tutor
Will Arpke-Wales, Tutor
Jack Patterson, Media and Public Affairs Coordinator
Jasmine Barrett, Teaching Associate
Conor Hannan, Teaching Associate in Treaty
Jim Murphy, Lecturer in Politics
Angus McLean, Facilities assistant
Zubaidah Mohamed Shaburdin, Research Associate
Eleanor Benson, Research Coordinator
Wajeehah Aayesha, Lecturer in Curriculum Design
Katrina Lawrence-Honeycombe, Casual
Kamilia, Subject Coordinator
Peta Noonan, Liaison Librarian
Ami Atkinson, Student Services Representative
George Criddle Tutor, lecturer
Tristen Harwood, Tutor in art
Claire Loughnan, Senior Lecturer
Katie Paine, Assistant to the Head of the School of Art
Raphaela Lochert, Timetabling Officer
Jesse, Student Advisor, Course Planning
Guy Gillor, Senior Research Fellow
Alex Munro, Professional Staff
Scarlett Abramson, Teaching Associate
Geoffrey Hondroudakis, Sessional Tutor
Stefa Panoschi, Washroom Technician
Jill Pope, Tutor/PhD candidate
Jaya Keaney, Lecturer
Ruby Healer, Archives Assistant
Alex Griffin, Tutor
Elese, PhD in Philosophy
Adam Hembree, Academic Skills Advisor
William Hebblewhite, Academic Support Officer.
Marijke Davey, sessional tutor
Professor Alison Young
Conor Brett, Academic Tutor and Research Assistant
Maurice Sarah, Procurement Officer
Dr Rebecca Howe, Education Programs Coordinator, The Australian Centre
Moya McKenna, Tutor in Art
Josh, Indigenous Health Leadership Coordinator
Hiro Suse Chan, Senior Technical Consultant, Service Centre
Chiaki Chng, Bachelor of Arts
Andrea Andiloro, Academic Tutor
Nadia Aly, Manager, Student Experience
Yasmeen Hassan, Program Coordinator, Education and Students
Molly Joslin, Enrolment Adviser, Stop 1
Rachel Standfield, Senior Lecturer, Indigenous Studies
Mathilde Lochert, Director, E&S
Professor Kate MacNeill
Michael Santhanam-Martin, Lecturer in Agricultural Production Systems
Angie Sassano, Sessional tutor
Holly Russell, Education Support
André Dao, Postdoctoral research fellow
Michael Errity, Lab Assistant
Rose Albiston, Tutor
Maria Matheas, Digital Service Officer
Eugenia Lim, Sessional lecturer, School or Art, VCA
Erin O’Donnell, Senior Lecturer and ARC Research Fellow
Natasha Noel, Stage Manager
Warwick Padgham, Student program manager
Nick Pendergrast, Senior Tutor
Stephanie Baullo, Clinical Tutor
Dr. George Mouratidis, Research Associate
Andre Bonnice, Lecturer Creative Practitioner
Fjorn Bastos
Tahlia Birnbaum, Teaching Specialist
Sarah Walsh, Lecturer
Panda Wong, Student Support – Continuing education
Roberta Joy Rich, Sessional Staff
Jeff Garmany, Senior Lecturer Latin American Studies
Ashley Barnwell, Senior Lecturer in Sociology
David Denborough, Senior Lecturer
Elena Balcaite, Teaching Specialist
Kate Just, Senior Lecturer
Ellen O’Hehir, Librarian
Callum Alpass, Tutor
Bina Fernandez, A/Prof
Patrick Mercer, Tutor/Research Assistant
Dr Lea Campbell, Manager, EL
Nira Rahman, Lecturer/ Teaching Specialist
Yowhans Kidane, Archivist
Steve Martin, Collections Manager
Ashley Perry, Repatriation Coordinator
Louise Cain, PhD candidate and Library Assistant
Rory Mullan, Librarian
Patrick Telfer, Technical resources coordinator
Ella Crowley, Research Assistant and Student
Isabel Jackson, tutor
Rajith Vidanaarachchi, Research Fellow
Loren Adams, PhD Candidate (Architecture and Urban Studies) and Research Assistant (Construction Management)
Associate Professor Dolly Kikon
Julian Grace, Research Assistant
Randi Friscilla Hidayat, prefer not to disclose
Lana, Teaching Assistant and student
Nadeem Malik, Senior Lecturer
Niamh Felton, Sessional Academic Tutor
Jackson McLaren, Gallery technician
Sophia Cai, Lecturer Sessional
Briony Galligan, Sessional academic
Shane Doris Cheung, Application Specialist
Joanna Williams, Research assistant
Professor Hélène Frichot
Rula Paterson, Program Manager
Rosie Yasmin, Lecturer
Caitlin Coulston, Clinical tutor
Olivia Tasevski, History and Asian Studies Tutor
Nicola Creagh, Research Assistant & PhD Student
Hoda Afshar, Lecturer
Ana Colling, Research assistant
Hristijan Popovski, Research Assistant
Ana Rosa Marginson, Casual Research Assistant
Professor Chris Healy, FAHA
Dr Matt Novacevski, Researcher
Sam, research assistant
Tony Birch, Writer
Adil Hasan, Khan Postdoc
Matilda Robertson, Student services representative
Lyell Durkin, Student Recruitment Coordinator
Morgan Flack, Client Services Officer, Archives and Special Collections
Sarah, Liaison Librarian
Lydia Grant, Liaison Librarian, Fine Arts and Music
Ela Egidy, Lecturer
Sian Lewis, Library Service Officer, University Library
Cynthia Torkel, Lab technician
Debra Hoadley, Tutor in French studies
Sebastian Antoine, Research Fellow
Jack Dimech, Student Services Representative
Priyani Madan, Lecturer
Sarah Corrigan, Lecturer
Mona Rahimpour, Teaching Fellow
Ada Coxall, Gallery attendant at Buxton Contemporary
Adon McGeorge, Future Student Representative
Anila, Researcher and Tutor
Zeineb Mahmoud, Cashier in Cafe inside Melbourne University
Leighann Spencer, Casual academic
Abdil Mughis, Mudhoffir, Lecturer
Nesam McMillan, Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Nevena Spirovska, Master of Public Policy & Management
Phoebe Hayman, Lecturer (fixed term)
Yung En Chee, Senior Research Fellow
Ambrin Hasnain, Research Assistant
Lauren Logan, Library Service Officer
Gavin Younger, Systems Administrator Web
Esther Schroeder, IPGHCC Coordinator
Ava Wan, Tutor
Jeff Sparrow, Senior Lecturer
Ehtesham Ali, Senior Timetable Engagement Advisor
Zainab Zaidi, Post-doc
Nicolas Hausdorf, Researcher
Jessica Gannaway, Lecturer
Dr M Keynes, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Natalie Hendry, Academic
Soon-Tzu Speechley, Lecturer in Urban and Cultural Heritage
Sarah E. Truman, Senior Lecturer
Jasmine, Future Students Representative
Angie Sassano, Sessional Tutor
Marc Mierowsky, Lecturer in English and ARC Decra Fellow
Ariane Utomo, Senior Lecturer
Charlotte Mertens, Teaching specialist
Ryan Gustafsson, Project officer
Gemma Tarpey-Brown, Research Assistant
Emina, Research Assistant
Wesley Grey, Academic tutor
Natalie Calleja, Research Assistant and Tutor
Scott Arthurson, Tutor
Sasha, Lecturer
Nury Emniyet, Operations Manager
Maree Martinussen, McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow
Carla Galaz Souza, Faculty member
Jon Dale, Head Tutor
Benedict Xu-Holland, Tutor
Sarah Schwartz, Senior Fellow (Honorary)
Yeorghia Kontos, Administration Officer
Kathryn Joy, Researcher
Evie, Project Coordinator
Alicia Freeman, Digital Engagement Project Officer
Sehrish Kanwal, Research Fellow
Evelyn Araluen, Guest Lecturer
Terrence Twomey, Senior Tutor in Criminology
Jemima McKenna, Teaching Fellow, PhD Student
Tim Coronel, Industry adjunct lecturer
Kate Dooley, Research Fellow
Sophie Adsett, Sessional Tutor
Emma oravec, Concierge
Miranda Smith, Academic Specialist – Collaborative Research
Andrew Day, Professor
Dr Kate Hammond, Researcher
CQ Quinan, Senior Lecturer
Eman Fatima
Eli McLean, Sales, Marketing & Rights Coordinator – MUP
James Vassilopoulos, Health & Safety Business Partner
Tess Ritchie, Research Impact Coordinator
Kiloran Hiscock, School Support Officer
wren pleasant, Sessional Academic
Alaa Abdul-Ridha, Research fellow
Catherine McInnis, Editor
Rachel Woodlock, Lecturer in Islamic Studies
Ellen Bertani, Research Assistant + Master student
Lee Valentine, Research Fellow
Shona Elliot-Kerr, Fire risk analyst
Guy Webster, Tutor
Signe Ravn, Associate Professor
Harry Reid, Venues Coordinator, Museums & Collections
Nathan Gardner, Post-doc Researcher
Tamar Hopkins, Honorary Fellow
Hannah Gordon, Research Assistant
Dr Michael Morgan, Research Fellow
Xiaole Zhan, Student, Office bearer
Maddison, Student adviser
Ameena Payne, Research Assistant
Dr Caitlin McGrane, Subject Coordinator
Hamilton Kennedy, Casual Academic
Katie Lovelock, Tutor
Miriam Webster, Tutor, School of Culture and Communication
Erin Buckley, Lecturer
Celia, Tutor and masters student
Alison Gibberd, Senior Research Fellow
Sarah Strauven, Research Fellow
Julia, Lecturer
Dr Kath Sellick, Senior Lecturer
Kajsa Lundberg, Subject coordinator
Maria Teresa Tavares,Engagement and Partnerships Officer
Joon Youn, Technical Coordinator – Gallery and Breadth
Maryam, Support
Alegra Dajic, Clinical educator
Davor Petreski, Teaching Specialist
Sarah Sadiq, Graduate Researcher, PhD Candidate
Scott Limbrick
Phoebe Quinn, Media Officer
Sonia Lyubomirsky, Research Fellow & PhD candidate
Eliza, Research Fellow
Stephanie Stojanovska, Research Assistant
Mungo McKenzie, Student and Scholarly Services
Corey Cribb, Set builder/technician, Production
Lauren Klein, Head Tutor
Mia,  Student Advisor, Course Planning
Karen Block, Research assistant
Scott Griffiths, Principal Research Fellow
Kat, Senior Lecturer
Harriet, Research assistant
Kelsey, Research assistant
Selvaraj Velayutham, Associate Professor
Siobhan Vivian, Professional Staff
Katie Bicevskis,Venues Assistant
Moth Burnicle, Accessibility Inclusive Resources Officer
Alice Brandl, iPost doctoral researcher
Georga Bruechert, Associate lecturer/research officer in Clinical Anatomy
Grace, Research Fellow
Dr Justin Wejak, Lecturer in Indonesian Studies
Julienne van Loon, Associate Professor
Meredith Faragher, Honours and Graduate Research Coordinator, Eastern Hill
Irene Wessels,  Academic Tutor
Associate Professor Jaafar Abduo
Tristan Graham, Research Fellow – Hydroclimate Forecasting
Angela Ballard, Department Support Officer
Alex, Sessional Tutor
Elizabeth Presa, Lecturer
Mohammad Hossein Tanipour, Former Postdoctoral researcher

Alumni Signatories

Clare Sims
Priya Kunjan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, RMIT University
neika lehman, RMIT Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Pre-Doctoral Fellow
Melanie Ashe, Research Officer, PhD Candidate, Monash University
Simone Griggs, Research Officer
Mark Gordon, Social Work
Beau Kent, Research Assistant
Mohadesa Hussaini
Mehnaz, Manager at MMC
Marilyn Stendera, Lecturer at University of Wollongong
Michael, Policy Officer
Amanee Abdul Gadir, Research assistant
Meriki Onus, Director of First Nations, FYA
Nadia Rhook, Research Fellow/Doctor of Philosophy in History
David Brophy, Senior lecturer, University of Sydney
Lilly Brown, CEO, Magabala Books
Dr Julia Dehm, School of Law, La Trobe University
Chelsea Large, BA (Hons) Alumni
Kaavya Nair, Optometrist
Genevieve Grieves, PhD
Erika Lay
Iman Taha, Graduate Consultant – Deloitte
Ben Silverstein, Lecturer in Indigenous Studies, ANU
Sara Dehm, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney
Jadalyn David De Busch, Office Coordinator, Koorie Youth Council
Eva, Doctor
Rosie Funder, Membership Manager
Eda, Interior Designer
Dr Declan McGavin, Solicitor
Kate Rendell, General Manager
​​Abby Grant, Doctor
Finola, Climate Policy Officer
Oshini Wijenayake, Engineer – Track & Civil
Kiandra Forrest, Front of House Manager – Hotel
Maria Paula Hernandez, PhD Candidate and Casual Academic
Celine, Law Graduate
Ayesha Junaina Faisal
Zahra Ali, Cancer Research Project Officer
Ali Al Lawati, Junior Auditor
Sarisha, Speech Language Pathologist
Kimberley, Filmmaker
Carl Joseph
Veronica Saad
Kerry Baker
Janelle Del Vecchio, PR Assistant
Jasmine Griffiths, Social work
Sara Aberdeen, Nurse
Kodi Graham
Regan Lynch
Ali Hourani, Masters of Mechanical Engineering Student
Rebecca Vannapraseuth
Alannah Cavalieri, AOD Specialist Family Violence Advisor
Sungkavi Achuthananthan, Lab Assistant
Robyn Adler, Psychoanalyst
Paul Prato, Artist
Petra B
Aisha Trambas, Arts Producer
Greta Torelli, Consultant
Hannah Sycamore, Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid
Razeen Amjath
Bridget Deane, Union official
Daisy Scully, Research Officer
Georgia Spain, Artist
Ellena Savage, Author & Academic
Jennifer Searle
Michael Davies, Teacher
Leonie Brialey
Dee Olive Bennett-Spark, Lawyer
Abbra Kotlarczyk, Artist and writer
Roberto Catello, Lecturer in Criminology
Ella Sowinska
Rafaella McDonald, Artist
Yomna Al Yousef, Internal services advisor
Han Weeramanthri
Eliza Dyball, Waterway health project officer
Bronwen Davies, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Mick Roe, High school Teacher
Sam Steinhauer
Anna Neslo, International Labour Law specialist
Catherine Pahljina
Ellen Cregan
Camille Thomas, Gallery Attendant
Lillie Morrison
Rosie Joy Barron
Imogen Colton, Art Conservator
Monique Leung, Alumni
Monique Leung, Alumni
Grace Dephoff, Camera Assistant
Lucy Stimpson, Horticulturist
Felicity Scarce
Shreya Shah, Educator
Syed Mohammad Moosa Raza, Teaching
Agnese Perri, Artist
Kabir Thethy, Student
Seth, Musician and Youth Worker
Brighid Fitzgerald, Artist
Liam Jackson
Malachy Tarpey, Retired
Marti Kaiser, Clinical Research Nurse
Olivia Pratico, Embryology student
Alana Rivera Kingston
Drishti Chawla, Marketing Manager
Emily Webb
Jessie Webb, Alumni working in research
Sylvea Corrie, Medical Scientist
Chloe Leung, Film and creative producer
Ludomyr D Kemp-Mykyta, Practicing artist
Maki Morita
Emma Lush, PhD Candidate
Alexina Officer
Ilona Jakab, Doctor
Kinza Abbas
Diana Barnes, Senior Lecturer
Karla Livingstone-Pardy, Arts Worker
Jessie Bullivant, Artist
Afyeda Rahman, Audiologist
Ruby Fitzgerald
Vilija Stephens, Editor
Rory Bay, Contact Centre Operator
Kaliya Arumugam
Reis Low, Arts Manager.
Shahrizad Zaina Choudhury
Lucy Rossen, Artist
Hannah Treacey, Nurse/ Midwife
Alessandra Akerley, Bachelors
Fandi, PhD student
Amanda Kerley, Library Leader
Roumina Parsamand, Writer
Sinead Fernandes, Theatre
Vanessa Stathopoulos, Training Officer at migrant and refugee women’s organisation
Victoria Pham, Registered nurse
jemi gale
William Dayman
Allan McConnell, Musician
Maria, Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy
CJ Starc, Artist
Annie Hui, Architect
Jini Maxwell, Curator
Mia tinkler, Arts Worker
Matthew Killick
Krisna Siwi Pratama Amrullah, Staff at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia
Patrick Davies, BA Hons
Isabella Mead, PhD student
Sarah Foulkes, Social worker
Madeleine Crofts, Secondary Teacher
Allysha Joy, Musician
Aisling Grey, Leading Teacher
Emily James, Social Worker
Sophia Nicolades, Medical Student
Eden Fiske, Gallery Coordinator
Sally Hobbs, Music Teacher
Debra Kunda, Architect, Academic
Ben Sendy-Smithers, Registered Nurse
Matilda Stevens
Rebecca Weynberg, Copywriter
Kate, Researcher
Nina Prendergast
Katie Ryan
Anika Khan, Developer
Liza Pratiwi
Thomas F. Knowles, Retired
Tanya Jando
Kiara Lindsay, Writer
Megan Payne, Dancer / Bachelor of Dance
Haley Rose, Gallery Manager
Carlos Eduardo Morreo, Lecturer, Trinity College, University of Melbourne
Keren Rubinstein, Phd
Beth Sometimes, Artist
Fathiah Raihan
Sharon Flynn, Gallery & Education Manager
Sarah Febrina
Yuqing Jiang, Writer
Christine, Student Adviser
Nur Ariani
Tara Stewart
Madeleine, Civil servant
Hester Lyon, Curator
Aliya Ahmad, Masters of public policy alumni and former staff member at UoM
M Siddall
Jana, Artist
Andreas Zakhari, Consultant
Felix Pal, Lecturer
Ayichu Wako
Mary Tomsic
Sam Ireland, Researcher
Josi Khatarina
Jasmine Pickup
Hoa-Mi Nguyen
Azhar Muhammad
Sindy anis, Policy analyst at the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia
Fakhry, Agronomist
Krishan, Social worker
Alanna Paxton, Artist
Ria, Head of Unit
Salome Lines-Morison
Tim Webster, Teacher
Erika Mustika, General practitioner
Jill Webb
Rafaella Wulandari
Rheizka Aulia, Program manager
Rochelle Francis, Lawyer
Farah, Product Marketing Manager
Mahalia Lodge, Senior Lawyer
Andi Indraningsih, ESL Teacher
Mariam, Project Officer
Muhammad Arifin, University lecturer/MA in Applied Linguistics
Khushali Fadia, Senior comms advisor
Julie Ha, Producer
Isabella Hone-Saunders, Director, Seventh Gallery
Gurpreet Singh
Ben Hjorth, PhD Candidate (University of Toronto)
Isabelle Flook, Environmental Scientist
Priya, CEO
Phoebe Kerr, Master of Public Health
Greg Sher
Olivia Cuff, Social workers
Edwin Kwong
Firas Massouh, Music Director at PBS FM / Presenter at Disrupt Radio
Blossom Ah Ket, Interpreter and translator
Nina Tory-Henderson, Senior Architect
Joanna Anagnostou, Health Promotion Coordinator
Maeve Scannell, Librarian
Julia Tulloh Harper, Phd English
Sam Sweeney, Digital Campaigner
Meiki Apted, Learning Specialist
Charlie Sofo, Lecturer, fine art, Monash University
Ayman Islam, Executive Officer
Muhamad Firdaus, Mechanical engineer
Anita Cummins
Ezz Monem, Artist and Software Engineer
Amber Wright, Artist
Yepy Hardi Rustam, Researcher at an Indonesia-based international agricultural company
Rifqi, Director of an NGO
Torsten Strokirch, Artist
Abbe Villis
Charlotte Waters, Sales Executive
Michael Oliverio, Project Manager
Dr Faisal Al-Asaad, Teaching fellow, VUW
Liz Crash
Jamie Tram, Small Screens Editor of The Big Issue Magazine
Frankie Hanman Siegersma
Thao Phan, Research Fellow
Finbar MacDonald
Huda Al Husaini
Sofie Onorato, Union Organiser
Karleng Lim, Artist-curator
Riza Guntur Prakoso, Operational Risk Analyst
Andi Muhammad Imran Zulkarnain, employment social security staff in Indonesia
Marion Singer, Paralegal
Fitrotin Azizah, Junior Manager in Indonesia Employment Social Security Agency
Robbi Adhilni, Civil Servant
Madeleine Irvine, Communications Director
Campbell Rider, PhD Candidate (USyd)
Hugh Davies, Researcher
Siân Vate, Writer
Emma Suryani, Data Scientist
Joel Keith
Jessica Westfold, Clinical Psychologist
Kelsey Oldham, Editor
Lucy Robin, Writer
Gary Foley, Professor of History, Victoria University
Kalinda Vary, Social worker
Jessica Murdoch
Catherine Treloar, Organiser
Bugs Baschera, Actor
Pamela Higgins
Leah Attard, alumni & librarian
Amy Espeseth, Manager, Gippsland East Higher Education Study Hub
Merryn Hughes
Tatiana Abbott
Tinonee Pym, Research Assistant
Stuart Richards, Senior Lecturer
Sarnaz ganchi
Alanah Parkin, Actor & Educator
Kiri Davies, Social Worker
Heidi Brown, Director
Nikola Gucciardo
Pia Cerveri, Social worker
Anai Wiche, Independent Journalist
Elliott McMahon, Program Manager/ Social Worker
Nadia Primaningtyas
Tiia Kelly
Eugenia Anne Watson
Felicity Grey, Alumni
Lucy Myers, Bookseller
Ben Kunkler, Branch Organiser, NTEU University of Melbourne branch
Jem light, Registered nurse
Sandra D’Urso
Mackenzie Coughlin
Dr Martin Clark, Lecturer in Law, La Trobe Law School
Hugh Ebbs, Hydrological Modeller
Iz, Lighting Designer
Mirna, Water Resources Engineee
Srishti Chatterjee, Policy Analyst, Victorian Government
Auzan Satriayudha
Tri Cahyo Edi
Bensen Thomas, Remote Arts Worker
David Coady, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Tasmania
Bronte A, Research Assistant
Jodi Peskett, Service model specialist WorkSafe
Ethan Georgeou
Conor Herbert,
Cleo Healy
Brandon Koolloos, Audio Engineer
Bree Ahrens
Dr Suneel Jethani, Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
Rae Perks
Ammar Sultan
Midiana Ariethia, Government employee at NERA Indonesia
Adam Romano, Revenue Manager
Afsaneh Mirmohamadi
Sactio Swastioyono, Software Rngineer
Widya Wardani, VP Human Capital & Procurement
Elenor Jones-Gray, Project Officer
Tess Newport, Food and Nutrition Youth Officer
Dzenana Vucic, writer and editor
Chris Ebbs, NA
Christopher O’Neill, PhD
Mark Irving, Casual Staff + Registered Architect
Ahmed Mardinli, Doctor
Lu Lin,
Ilzan Rashuan Wijaya,
Maree Pardy, Academic
Eleanor Childs, PhD Candidate, Deakin University
Ananya Ananya, Oral Health Therapist
Dr Natasha Jansz – Senior Research Officer, Mater Research – UQ
Stella Webster, Theatre Producer
Marguerite Sowersby, Teacher
Lorilee Yang, Designer
Savannah Daoud-opit, Assistant Director, ACT Public Service
Kashmira Mohamed Zagor, Anthropologist
Mohammed Younes, Self employed
Amelia Johns, Senior lecturer in digital and social media
Claire Sonego,
Rachel Morley, Artist & arts worker
Moe McGlashan, Teacher
Jessica Dunn, Festival and Events Officer, MA Arts and Cultural Management
Jasper L
Julie Irving
Ruby Shirrefs, Clinical Psychologist
Shannon Klaassen
Madeleine Mills
Rowan Gould, Director, Mosaic Connections
Cassandra Martin
Jessica Raper, Actor
Jasper Caverly, Coursework marker
Lydia Mardirian, Researcher
Ceyda, Paralegal
Jack Duff, Actor
Rachael McDonald
Astrid Mayne
Auriel, Policy Officer
Rebecca Jensen, Alumni- dancer
Sibylla Grace
Shelley Spangler
Cameron Hurst, Student
Catriona Elder, Honorary Associate, University of Sydney
Ada castle, Public health
Oliver Garlick, Social Worker
Tess Nulty
Mikhail Rodrick, Project Architect
Tom Fiebig, Support Coordinator, & ASU union member
Joanne Nataprawira, Architect
Keagan Vaskess, Actor
Dr Yusuf Hassan, Medical Doctor at Austin Hospital
Grace, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewer
Sophie Morrow, Artist
Farah Khairat, Secondary School Teacher
Tom Orsag, Semi-retired
Ling Toong
Mohammad Gadi, General Practitioner (FRACGP)
Joe Howe, Actor
Raiyaan Mahbub, Senior Research Assistant
Lachlan Marley, Builder
Madi, Freelancer.
Lidia Bier, Lecturer
Samin Siddiqui, Lead Engineer
Claudia Plowright
Winnie Tsang, Fundraising Specialist
May Warner, Associate Veterinarian, BSc DVM
Clare Land, Academic, Victoria University
Paulina Alexandra Olszanka, Foreign Correspondent for The Times
Mish Szekelyhidi, intersensory autistic musician
Professor Oishik Sircar, Jindal Global Law School, India
Dion Kagan, Research Officer
Aleksandar Gillian, Receptionist
Clare Exinger
Julia Collin, Principal Policy Officer
Brighid Kelly, Secondary teacher
Dylan Beresford
Bobuq Sayed, Author
Nikki Lam, Artist-curator, PhD Candidate
Cate Larkins, Industrial Officer
Audrey Thompson
Thomas Gunda, Student Advisor
Ikhlaq Ahmed
Carol Badre, PhD student
Bebe, Student
Claire White
Howard Palmer
Panayiota Romios, Advisor, Strategy, Planning and Advocacy
Anastasia C
​​Mika Ogai, Filmmaker
Rose Wei
Greer Clemens
Janvi Sikand
Django Nicol, Head designer of Octopussay
João Carlos Martins, Facilities Manager
Jon Tjhia, Writer/editor
Georgie, Artist
emily dickey, Secondary Teacher
Frankie Snowdon, Co-Artistic Director / Choreographer
Kate Argentino, Manager and Senior Clinical Psychologist, Social Emotional Well-being, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, Alice Springs
Reegan Cross, Facilities Manager
Kristal Amalia
Dr Magas Abdela, GP
Victoria Woolley, Concert and Event Manager
Siti Nurul Munawirah Bt Mohamad Roslan, Administration and Diplomatic officer for Government of Malaysia
Tomas Parrish-Chynoweth, Multidisciplinary Artist
Bron Belcher, Director, Schoolhouse Studios
Sarah Pinto, Senior Lecturer
Avicienna Indrajid, Accountant
Nazir Hashem, Software Developer
Imtiaz Bhayat
Mega Safira, financial services regulator
Dinali Wijewickrama, Optometrist
Sophie Graley
Sefira Fikaranda
Anisa Sher Shah, Business owner
Tash Rubinstein, Policy officer
Anna Moss, Optometrist
Lady Diamond
Linda Wilkins, PhD
Ulfa Sarah Dina, Senior consultant
Jayke, Social worker
Clare Kempton, Social worker
Chris Haines, Solar Engineer
John, Artist & VE Teacher
Anthony Benedyka, Social worker
Marija Petrovska, PhD Candidate
Fatima, Teacher Trainer
Sarah Sloan, Research Scientist
Amy Robson, Senior Project Editor
Kira Kosh
Laras, Project Engineer
Rozan Ali, consultant
Sadia Nawaz
Rachel Ciesla, Curator, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
Rebecca Wong, Speech Pathologist
Diem Nguyen, arts worker
Alex Nichol, Lawyer
Douglas Wan, Architect
Aries M Gacutan
Edward Hurcombe, Lecturer at RMIT
Eliza Bartram, Nurse
Ranudya Kusuma Putri
Kate Fay, Teacher
Yang Yee, Senior Site activation Specialist
Grace Drahm, Lead Mental Health/ Team Leader: Social Worker/Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work
Aleks Grizelj, Graduate
Elizabeth Kelly
Taska Zakaria, Alumni, Treasury Dealer at Bank Central Asia (Indonesia)
Tessa Priest, Teacher / Narrative Therapist
Claire Cooper
Adriana Ridzwan, Policy Officer
Tania, Government Official
Dr Katie Fennell, Postdoc
Henry Jenkins, Freelance Music Producer
Genevieve Walker, Evaluation specialist
Dr Anna Chen
Dwie Hananto Raharjo, IT General Manager
Muhammad Insan Kamil, Director
Stephen Pascoe, Postdoctoral research fellow, UNSW
Shamma Nafisa, Data Analyst
Luke Neher
Chloe Fung
Jessica Lu, Actor
Stef Raad
Asad Kasim-Khan, Lawyer
Warra, Client Relationship Administrator
Khaled Chakli, Director of Leadership, Director of Policy and Advocacy
Amani, Solicitor
Janani Sarvananthar, Senior evaluation and research officer
Maleea, Event assistant
Khairul-Bariya Khan, Secondary Teacher
Natasha Zulharmen, Auditor
Dr Ahmed Hassan, Consultant Ophthalmologist,  Monash Medical Centre
Adel Salman, Executive Manager
Quratulann Hanif, Optometrist
Zahraa Albadri, Community Lawyer
Akacia,Provisional Psychologist
Nurulann Hanif, Audiologist
Alaiba Nauman, Social Worker
Nadia Fazal, Dentist
Tamsen Hopkinson, Artist, Curator
Imaan, Librarian
Anjuni Wijeweera
Tabinda Sarwar
Ayche Allouche
Holly Morrison
Britt Munro, PhD candidate, The City University of New York, Adjunct Lecturer, John Jay College and Lehman College
Kiernan Ironfield
Evelyn Araluen, Lecturer, Deakin University
Jonathan Dunk, Lecturer, Deakin University
Anna Cameron
Abigail Lewis, Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor
Sandra , Registered Nurse
Carla Di Maggio
Eliza Hayes, Network Engineer
Tristan Damen, MTEM alumni; Principal Advisor, Student Systems and Process at RMIT University
Elise, Admin
JC Ng, Internship Coordinator
Hawra Al-Asadi, Doctor of Medicine
Dougal McNeill, School of Culture and Communication, PhD, 2008
Ramila Chanisheff, Manager
Lilly Danil, Grad dip in psychology
Teema Abbas, Dentist
Gabriel Sathiaseelan, Humanities and Music Secondary School Teacher (Classroom)
Sarah Ilma
Emma Dry, Learning Support Officer
Serenah alam, Psychologist
Huda Waraich, Lawyer
Beth Marsden, Postdoctoral research fellow
Caity Jakeman, Lawyer
Rasheeda Wilson
Amy Webster, Researcher
Ridvan Atlihan, Anaesthetic registrar
Georgia McCourt, Music Tutor
Ashanthi Kulasekera, Social Worker
Lorilee Yang, Designer
Bradley Lucas, Business Owner
Naminata Burns, Graduate Lawyer
Carmen Chin, Music Journalist
Alya Khairuddin, International Studies and Politics
Antonia Smyth, Master of Arts (Philosophy)
Charlie Joyce
Randa Abdel-Fattah, Future Fellow
Joshua Hooke, Musician
Rachel Coghlan, Humanitarian
Kirra Patterson
Dr Karin von Strokirch, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, UNE
Gordon G. Gunhold
Sabina Gerardi
S Zhang, Writer
Devana Senanayake, Journalist
Claire Burgess, Research consultant
Dylan Lino
Heather Dalton, Honorary Fellow
Adele McGaffin
Alex Kelly, Guest lecturer
Marina de Matteis, Social worker
Isobel milne, Student educator assistant
Helena Pantsis
Nicholas Buccheri
Vannessa Hearman, Senior Lecturer in History, Curtin University
MK, Legal Assistant
Angus Gordon
Ben Moroni, Secondary School Teacher
Alex Maher, Manager
Sean Quinn, Freelancer
Wahdiah Hopper, Retired
Katie Fletcher, Mental Health Clinician
Lisa O’Sullivan, Alumna
Fiona Finlayson
Michael Skinner, Academic Learning Advisor
Des Flanagan, Moulin Rouge! The musical – performer
Harsh Sanghavi, Growth Marketing Specialist
Rehan Jazeel
Kimberley Lee
Farrah El-Saafin, Research scientist
Max Kaiser
Lainie Sutton
Bridget Collier, Paralegal
Sally F
Kate Clifford, Public servant
Oscar Leandro Lactao
Cameron Henshall, Teacher
Erin McCubbery, Academic Tutor
Nokomi Achkar, Artist, Social-justice facilitator and educator
Laura McKenzie, Lawyer
Nur Rachmawati
Dr Jennifer Crawford, Specialist Anaesthetist
Jamie Coningsby
Ellen Day
Judy McVey
Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Cinematographer
Erin Greaves, Teacher
Michelle, Assessor
Nicholas Yates
Dr Camille Waring, Post Doctoral Researcher
Aren Z. Aizura, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota.
Pamela Roberts, Retired academic
Rasha Abbas, CEO
Amin Abbas, Senior Innovation Consultant
Paul McMillan, Community Organiser
Simon Tammesild, Investment Analyst
Ann Arulruban, Head of Online Development
Elspeth Blunt, Teacher
Dina Tzagadouris, MBA
Zarmeen Hassan
Adam Eletr, Financial Controller
Nicole Du, MBA
Wael Mroue, IT specialist
Holly Charles, PhD candidate
Sana Aziz, Program Manager
Adeeb Fares, CEO – Director several boards
Mohamed Naleemudeen, Solicitor
Adrienne Pezzi, Company Representative
William Holbrook , PhD student, University of Cambridge
Joanna Robin
Shazia, Psychotherapist
Lucy Rossen, Actor
Delaram Ansari , Senior Research, Advocacy and Policy Officer
Rose Wei
Ruby Robinson-Shaw , Teacher
Sophia Benjamin, Book publicist
Andrew Szetho, IBDP English B Teacher / Session Musician
Bethany O’Connor
Jack Coventry , Artist
carly stone
Maudie Farnan
Kerry Montero
Ilnaz Faizal
Daniel Tan , Accountant
Quynh Nguyen , Project Manager
Sahra Stolz , Senior Coordinator Business Improvement
Courtney Nathan, Doctor
Melinda Wejak, Teacher
Dr Umber Rind, General Practitioner
Georgia Trousdale, Classroom Teacher
Melike Latifoglu, Secondary School Teacher and Learning Community Coordinator
Katya Henry
Julier Thornton, Social worker
Joscelyn Wynter, Musician
Jessica Fernando, Solutions Manager
Arthur O’Neill, Secondary teacher
Kate Stodart, Research Assistant
Dilek Aktepe, Optometrist
Ashlley Morgan-Shae
Marian Hart, Co-Founder In Good Hands Worker Co-operative
Muskan Randhawa, Chef
Zina Ridha, Healthcare professional
Abrar, Educator
Isabella Eltaha nee Mardirian, Senior Portfolio Manager
Doha Al Maliki,  Physiotherapist

Student Signatories

Jasmine Barzani
Joshua Barnes
Kinda Lutfi
John Porter
Jeyda Yilmaz
Ahmed Ali
Sami Zehir
Amelie Sims
grace vanderkolk
Yasmin Saab
Azza Almemari
Ameer Alameh
Zoon Zahra
Fatima Derbas
Esra Cinar
Jemima Ong
Caitlin chiam
Malaz Mohamed-Bakhit
Tulsi Kavar
Sofia Bikicki
Callum Stewart
Yusuf Ghelem
Aneeq Qureshi
Aya koubar
Eleanor McCooey
Mariam Baitieh
Flynn Pervan
Porter Mattinson
Pamela Piechowicz
Aisha Asha Ibrahim
Tristan Lynch
Zain E
Zainub Din
Younis Naser
Ian Ramirez
Marley Johnstone
Munzer Mender
Alisha Wijesinghe
Zoha Shahzad
Fariba Khan
Liam Griffiths
Maaria Ahmed
Amira Marwan
Radhia Abdirahman
Sainab Aboothahir
Omar Yuusuf
Maisah Munir
Mahdi Alayesh
Hamza Arshad
Hashim Al Musawi
Fahri Handika
Deena El-Shabasei
Huda Mousawi
Ella Mittas
Mahmoud Omar
Elena Gomez
Tanvee Nandan
Sumedha Choudhury
Dylan Asafo
Jack Rowland
Tahlia Eastman
Edith Pope
Audrey Fitzgerald
Emily Kaji
Faiza Rahman
John Sebastian
Mahnoor Naqvi
Rachele Cardaci
Mary Kin Chan
Ekin Ciftci
Zahraa Albatat
Amien Hanantio
Shaziya Ali
Imogen Senior
Sophie Ryall
Danya Elsabrouty
Luke Baz
Neslihan Ozergen
Ibrahim Muan Abdulla
Sumeya Abdulkarim
Sarp Tarık Güler
Purdi Symes
Jimena Loredo Salcido
Amelia Lundgren
Moira Negline
Adam Eldaly
Niloufar Binaei
Veena Wijewardene
Anna Fazio
Harriet Roger
Ali Qadir
Tanvi Dhariwal
Nawshaba Ahmed
Isi Ogwu
Tegan Evans
Mia Horsfall
Omar Abdelhalim
Maryanne Boukhazen
Sarah Abou-Eid
Edie McAsey
Bhaarath Ramesh
Zahraa Hameed
Maille Halloran
Helani Munidasa
Yasmin Hammoud
Samah Abdeljaleel
Grace Hart
Elyssa Karam
Dana Alshaer
Holly McGrath
Farhaan Ganatra
Yusuf Wardak
Amna Sabir
Rose Power
Nawaar Noor Ahmed
Stephanie Guest
Hassan Ali
Adla Alnazer
Rin Chan
Zahra Mozaffari
Fathimath ranaa
Claudia Perrignon
Tim Dogan
Izma Haider
Tanjura Rahman
Sanha Salam Cholakkaparamban
Ava Collison
Anika Ghosh
Keeley Zentgraf
Chelsea Daniel
Samiksha damle
Mumtaheina Islam
Najila Ghafari
Adeline Johnston
Mary Bekele
malaila safdar
Anusha Bala Sigar
Josh Yuze Heng
Linda Gallieri
Sannam Sultani
Ruqaiyah Khan
Angela Foulstone
Muhammad Noor Adri
Sarah Karim
emily leng
Joanne Zou
Ciara Dahl
Alice Wighton
Jocelyn Richardson
Sophie Nguyen
Shane ( Sam ) Morris
Char Lee
Tina Stefanou
Oscar Lush
Max Petschack
James Macaronas
Imogen Quilty
Caitlin Jack
Hussein Jagot
Erin Kenworthy
Raffaella Cresciani
Asha Carslaw-Maher
Sasha Kaiser
Cleo Fawcett
Isabella Miller
Emmet Scanlan
Agusti Padmanisa
Yusridar Mustafa
Samuel Kirby
Anna Fujihara
Emma Rimonteil
Louisa Cusumano
Kaylah Thomas
Jessica Hauenstein
Jay Gold
Eleanor Smith
Audrey Habib
Yulfia Arnis
Hudson tippett
Nabil Ben Hassine
Keelan Armstrong
Asher bates
Hannah Ruthven
Lily Sundberg
Josh de Koster
Sagal Ahmed
Tom Weinert
Lucia Droga
Lachie Black
Rachael Hobbs
Isobelle McCall
Aikanysh Toktonazarova
Michael Gentle
Ibrahim Mostafa
Mia Lewin
Bridget Kuch
Raissa Almira
Viki Mardiyanto
Alyssa Richardson
Brooke Painter
Dita Kirana
Robyanti Wulandari
Sofia Ahmed
Frederick McKewen
Proma Ali
Sam eade
Suzannah Henty
Freddie Slipper
Kazi Shahpar Noor
Dana Pjanic
Basheer Arnaout
Reem Allahham
Jaclyn Elliott
Beda Eastman
Julia Rayner
Nicholas Barnard
Gemma Harben
Megfira beyene
Kraanti Agarwal
Yahia Khafagi
Siti Husna Fitri
Zarith Sofea Mohd Syaifulzafni
Gabriel Fallen
Olivia Dupé
Madeleine johnston
Maryam adly
Ethan Lee
Muskaan Hakhu
Lex Durham-Arnold
Eva Soodi
Dominique Jones
Komang Rosie Clynes
Kat Zhang
Nashitaat Islam
Zhafirah Rizqa Farhan
Laura Charlton
Nina Adams
Leslie Ho
Emilia Weeden
Irene Kim
Faiyaz Rashid
Jackie Doughty
Tyler Gleason
Elmira Cheung
Fozia Maqsudi
Sarah Kottek
Savira Ekaputri Dermawan
Andrea illés
Assa Prihabsari
Eli Flavell
Arena Salim
Mira Bouchmouny
Samantha Dizon
Savana Alani
tia kumar
Romany Claringbull
Alleena Waseem
Ludhini Volva
Samara Roy
Courtney Vowles
Char Hay
Patriot Mukmin
Syeda hafsa ali
Syeda Laila Adnan Wasti
Rayhatul Jannah
Cherry R
jet liang
Rex Cameron
Ayaan Ahmad
Sri Mulyani Suharno
Reema chabchoul
Chaya Wajntraub
Eleanor Cooney Hunt
Chemy Presila Chintami
Lulu Ilmaknun Qurotaini
Oscar miller
Clarrie Lock
Erin Williams
Charlotte Smith
Oriana Morris-Johnson
Jess Purvis
Georgia Naughton
Pandu Asgaf
Lucy Johnston
Gabrielle Ng
Elaf Elsheikh
Tereza Ljubicic
Freyja Wright-Catron
bee howell
Erika mckenna
Erin Nuzulia
Pippa Lukin
Ashjayeen Sharif
Melika Gholami varnamkhasti
Arky Ryall
Olivia Wood
Zihan Huang
Yeni Farida
Honor Ryan
Grace Fuentealba
Sigrid Ebbinghaus
Siri Hendrata
Luca Cernaz
Bianca Lyla
Bella Howison
Ghaisany Shabrina
Jakiah Ali
Shiuna Rasheed
Lucy mills
Raania Amaani
Moh Amrizki
Osama Jamil
Stephanie Chen
Monty Patton
Gunawan Sanjaya
Kawsar Farah
Indah Rachmawati
Alix Leggas
Joseph Franklin
Michael Graham
Haris Jamil
Jasmine Ali
Michael Armanios
Casey Nicholls-Bull
Rafiqa Qurrata A’yun
Ivy Kršlović
Amy Norris
Al Murdoch
Eliza Dean
Maggie Blanden
Lorien Francis
Giorgia Benini
Maher Shah
Claudine Lagier
Kali Irvine-Nagle
Mia Palmer-Verevis
Leah Jing McIntosh
Sara Tariq
Jack zaikos
Jasmine Cruikshank
Niamh Crosbie
Nadhila Iffa Zakira
Suniyah Whale
Wanda Mustika Rahim
Maya O
Julien Macandili
Clare Fuery-Jones
Alfie Baker
Shakira Binti Mohamed Hilmy
Indi Jennings
Citra Lestari
Muhammad Bilal Farooq
Ryan Lewis
Timothy Haines
Fanny Trijayanti Dhaspito
Shameela Abdul Jaleel
Ruby Foley
Samantha Cook
Maisa Binte Haque
Sarah Gilsenan
Nur Shkembi
Minka Peters
Nicola Chadbourne
Therese Keogh
Kemely Haveaux
Lillian Phillips
Stella Mcinnes
Widya Lestari Capawaty
Louise Brandsma
reem elkurdi
Aeva Milos
Noemie Huttner-Koros
Hoang Tran Nguyen
Sylvia Marcou
Deniz Kaplan
Eliza O’Donnell
Ashleigh Coleman
Alula McGlashan-Rabik
Manikya Alister
Divyansh jain
Aroma Imran
Elvis walsh
Rachael Keating
Hootan Heydari
Anita Indriyani
Max Tassell
Bella Beiraghi
Michael Duri
Jasmine Pierides
Tahli Crabbmor
Tim Delany
Brae Todd
Madeline Brown
Amelia De Smet
Sakura Everett-Jones
Senoli Sandanayake
Georgia Kartas
Shahdina Sharifuddin
Ben Harrison
Mia Dunphy
Paige Santelli
Natale Froia
Ratna Erika
Viv Baker
Griselda Crombie
Violetta Minzenmay
Joel Duggan
Livia Shelson
Nishtha Tewari
Aishath Azfa
Mal Priestley
Ucu Martanto
Ellie de van der Schueren
Tri Handoko
Miream Salameh
Sarah Burke
Elsa Vartola
Ruth Jarra
Mes Mitchelhill
Diljot Sandhu
Bridie Shepherd
Sunny tinkler
Sybilla George
Dawoud AlMekhled
Isabella conte
Indigo Keel
Luci Whitelake
Abdurrehman Nadeem
Nur Syuhadaa Binte Ahmad Burhaanuddin
Lily Di Sciascio
A J Lin
Aisyah Mohammad Sulhanuddin
Iffah nabilah shahidan
Aylin Mulayim
Alexandra Casey
Samuel Chandra
Annabel Kok
Naim El Zammar
Alex Reardon
Liam Anthian
Rebecca Yang
Noor Succar
Rahemeen Jamshaid
Carla Cricenti
Celia Harvey
Eleanor Buckley
AMRIN Amrohi
Lucien Ibanda
Aisyah Fairuz
Jeremy George
Isabelle Staiger-Creed
Eugene Beissel
Bree Anderson
Anna Ballado
Samantha O’Donnell
Maxwell Rea
Megan Lim
Mishal Farhan
Evie Thompson
Rachael Hynds
Maria Krivoshapko
Lucy Rachman Vascotto
Chris Vassiliadis
Micaela Rynne
Harriet Carpenter
Nicole Dowling
Neera Kadkol
Alexandra Hollis
Ryan Lewien
Julia Corallo
Ali Ali
Bella MacPherson
Daphne Arapakis
Callum Weir
Tileah Drahm-Butler
Charlotte Rigoni
Jack Glenn
Daniel Rawson
Mary Zaw Minn
Esra Benserai
Rachael Smith
Khaled Merhi
Haeril Halim
Kashmery Kame
Kathy Ramsey Janse Van Nieuwenhuizen
Natalie Miles
Waseem afzal
Corralia Kita
Emily De Matteis
Greta Young
Anthony Quang
Dian Purnama
Laura Alper Jenkins
Joel Tito
Muhammad Zico Albaiquni
Brianna Sampson
James k
Angela Bocquet
Zhirun Lu
Diane Tassoni
Hunter Smith
Mojgan Hamzaei
Zoe James
Eloise Collett
Samantha Blunn
Meriam Terzic
Cecilia Zhang
Sarah Othman
Jarrah Martens
Filment Ho
Sarah Wehbe
Inas Hussein
Amelia Sim
Emily Munro-Harrison
Arman Cakmakcioglu
Dylan Newell
Catherine Baker
Sara Tripun
Rimini FitzGerald
Luna Melissa Isomoto
Julia Lomas
Ava Jackson
Keith Elaisa
Rasmia Mithila
Kai Prideaux
Ryan Higginson
Ada Pascoe
Eloise Hickey
Taqiya Zaman
Emma Caskey
Grace Murphy
Kate Jama
Kate Jama
Milena Haas
Anisha Rabbani
Hugo Russell
Christina Vakkas
Jamie Richter
Leia Hamza
Rhiann Thomas
Jackson Wood
Lulu Spencer
Evie Shipway
Muhammad Hashim Bin Quraish
Annisa Sabrina Hartoto
Jane Chen
Abigail Kargbo
Rose Hensher
Caleb Condick
Dylan Rowen
Prudence Trinca
Beth Tedstone
Eloïse Mignon
Blake Barnard
Finley Japp
Quinn Hogan
Pradhini Digdoyo
Elizabeth Tetaz
Elisha Jane
Michelle Fitz-Gerald
amireh fakhouri
Luci Nicholson
Zahro F.
Henry Lowenstein
Seka seneviratne
Stella Bridie
Qamar Fatima
Morrigan Brennan
Diana Dagher
Caitlin Parker
Charlotte Grimes
Eleanor plunkett
Theo purchase
Chloe Su
Nysha Omar
Bonita Burford
Hannah Durham
Jude Alseify
Jessica Norton
Michelle Lam
Phoebe Edwards
Joey Dillon
Chelsea Bates
Omer Gunds
Prue Wilkinson
Madeleine peters
Estelle Woodcock
James Pulbrook-Flynn
Erin Christmas
Simon Farley
Alicia Davis
Jamie Willson
Gabrielle Kennedy
Hannah Wu
Miranda Livingstone
Rizki Rachmatullah Catur Putra
Warren Lee
Lewis Gittus
Tahlia Fusca
Evelyn Ranogajec
Zachary Matthews
Bushra Othman
Talal Wazir
Ngaire Bogemann
Muhammad Jibran
Felix Sharkey
sobia amjad
Ruqyya Naqvi
Elizabeth Muldoon
June Nguyen
Osama Jamil
Sophia Keur
Mia Kefenhoerster
Kira T
Sarah Hunter
James Holt
Henry Sundram
Aydin Lusher
Ayan suhale
Carlo Feruglio
Luci Kalisch
Hannah Krasovec
Abdul Aziz Chowdhury
Bella Hall
Ulya Jamson
Amber Meyer
Ilaisya Rafidania Azis
Dwi indah lestari
Jauda Hanoon
Fasya Kamilah
Nicholas Lightfoot
Clementine Girard-Foley
Hiba alassafi
Atheeya Raishya Kalzaman
Nayyara Alchudri
Jacqueline Wright
Yurt So
Anastasia Varvaris
Muhammad Rafi Rasyadi
Veronica Pena Negrette
Leila Taleb
Azhar Kader
Zainab Al Hmedawi
Calum Alexander
Faezeh Ebrahimi
Salman Al Farisi
Nim Johnson
Sarah Karim
Khalid Abbas
Jenny Chhun
Faiza Siddique
Michael Haryo Bagus Raditya
O K Suri
Rochelle Morris
Taherah Moslih
Yifan Bai
An Jiang
Shevonne Mahadevan
Muminah Gilani
Julia Duncan
Syed Gilani
Kareem Zaghlool
Afra Abdullah
Allison Meyer
Shayan Khan
Roisin Whelan
Racha Ghemraoui
Naurah Rahma Madina
Sasha Zaya
Kamran Khan
Indigo Salisbury
Fikry Aulia Hertikawan
A. Jaufer
Matt D
Drew Ireland-Shead
Abeer Khan
Gulshan Ali
Bridie Cochrane-Holley
Francesca Nowicki
Massimo Abad
Mudher Alsafi
Niamh Corcoran
Madelyn Smith
Safije Meka
Keagan Ó Guaire
Zarina Scott-Schrueder
Che McGuire
An Nguyen
Lara Abbouche
Nasim Patel
Jude Paddon-Row
Ryan Treleaven
Millie Craven
Lou Martin
Alexandra Smith
Reswara Dyah Prastuty
Ahmed Kamal
Georgia Cao
Tara Gwinn
Tino Mahinda
Rubab Ramzan
Effie Marmarou
Sara Young-Hemana
Nazli Sevinc
Misfah Mohamed
Ziwar Tun
Uyoh Anthony
T Araujo
Jaydah Calleja
Ruby Ryan
Adam Mhadhebi
Sophia Lee
Zafirah Nur
Chloe Le Blond
Devni Wijesinghe
Tai Crismale
J. P. Davis
Jaicia Lakra
Luka Balukia
Saraf Tatinee
Mimi Bezwayewh
Eva Rees
Joshua Corbett
Pranati Narayan Visweswaran
Mohamed Hadi
William G
Jessica Hodgson
Farouk Arnaout
Yicheng Liu
Ciaran Noble
Zaynab Mohamed
Nico Escalona
Mona nohara
Fatima Mohamed
Liz Cope
Abdullah Kailani
Adeyvah Virjee
Sabrina Liang
Erwin Diesta
Fayza Anggraini
Jess Huynh
Jovan Stojkovski
Nathaniel Sng
Zahra khatibi
Gabrielle Rota
Emma Macpherson
Zodie Bolic
Daisy Norfolk
Kay Yamauchi
Adam Suffi Nordin
Charlotte Harper
Abbey Saxon
Kim Doyle
Dina Hussein
Dilakni Udapitiya
Dr Benedicta Rousseau
Alicia Gadd-Carolan
hugh sinclair
Sophia Zikic
Dania Al Istwani
Rayen Roto
Amela Crhistine
Yuhao Yan
Aisha Ismail
Sarah Cupler
Ariana Ragell
Noor khudruj
hibah shah
selina hourani
Moniroth Ieng
Bryan Cooke
Basma Ibrahim
Jeremy Eaton
Adelle Mansour
Longgina Novadona Bayo
Mazin Mohamed-Bakhit
Violet Chae
Emily McGowan
Rami Abualsebaa
Stacey Roberts
Jade Butler
Lola Fearn
Bailiang Chen
Anishaa J
Declan Kerger
Alli Jasmin
Nouda Abdulhak
Emma Henrikson
Sophie Spence
Gabrielle Kersten
Filip Djordjevic
Stephanie Kelly
Nyok J Gor
Renae Jones
Emma Rodgers
Rushda Shaikh
Jemima Cleaver
Isabella Scarpato
Lafwa Thaufeeq
Jemima Amery-Gale
Sophia Htwe
Jess Oldfield
Ben Smyth
Anji Conroy
Zahra Ali
Kaotar Al Tamimi
Haruna Suzuki
Pasqua Clemente
Naomi Dickers
Saad Rao
Charlotte V
Hala Khartabil
Fen Reyes
Christopher Pullin
Alastor Sky
Melissa Guclu
Bianca Lyla Clifford
Stephanie Hicks
Joanne Du
Sebastian Nazar
abdullah alghamdi
Carey Ciuro
Tariq Ayoub
Abeer Sadiq
Khaled Abdelaal
Taran B
Adeeba Aziz
May Zeng
Ammar Zaky
Joe McLaren
Samantha Caswell
Sage Andrew
Selma Idris
Abdul Saboor
Brianna spinks
Omar Kamel
Oliver Howes
Yousef Fares
Shreya Srivastava
Kasie Wang
Manpreet Shergill
Peter Kelly
Matilda Millar-Carton
Perin Gulsen
Dimitra Kritsidimas
Mia casey
Chandra Aji
Jonathan Almeida Santos
Deepa Ramtohul
Henry Youe
Bayu Sutrisno
Yudha Nugraha Wibisana
Bethany Campbell
Rat balqis
Chandra Hadyanto
Gabrielle Lim
Niruruthi Ravichandren
Elizabeth Hu
Tariq Ayoub
HALIMA Ibrahim
Amin Hudaya
Jazmyn Karpathakis
Grace Wong
Isabella Gullifer-Laurie
Loretta Gasparini
Uma Jacobs
Alicia Savy
Joshua Lowe
Mia O’Shea
Campbell McKinnon
Elizabeth Victoria Pardallis
Miranda Spiller
Kirra Nicolle
William Roumeliotis
Patrick McCaffrey
Mikaela McBain
Jack Harrison
Haikal Adlan
Azul Ali
Meriem Idris
Kelly Audrey Gunawan
Morgan Kikkawa
David Collis
Andoni Alberdi
Naomi Tayloe
Tharindi Danansooriya
Hannah Bayston
Zerina Redzepagic
Luca Irmici

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