On the last day of Subscriberthon, our amazing online editor gives you one last (very good) reason to subscribe

Every year, we strive to make our Subscriberthon week a sampler of what the online magazine has to offer. That’s why we feature both a poem and a short story—selected by Toby Fitch and Claire Corbett, respectively—alongside nonfiction and a cartoon or comic, usually by the inimitable Sam Wallman. (It is one of the joys of my life to have been able to work with this man.) (But I digress.)

The nonfiction, in turn, includes anything from film and book reviews to essays on political and social issues—interventions that, as in the case of Monday’s piece by Lilly Ryan and Lizzie O’Shea on the fall of Twitter, respond to events outside the production cycle of print or that, like Jeff Sparrow’s longform essay on socialist realism and the history of Overland, or  John Kinsella’s examination of the work of Lionel Fogarty, sit alongside the commentary that the journal is best known for.

But, even as I can’t wait for you to read the contribution by Evelyn Araluen with which we’re closing out our 2022 Subscriberthon, I would encourage you to come back next week, and the one after that, or dip into the archives: outside of this week’s showcase, we work hard to bring our readers exciting writing by a new and diverse range of voices, along the more seasoned radicals and assorted malcontents you’ve come to know and love.

Our digital edition is not something you purchase with your subscription, as it’s freely accessible to all, but it relies just as much on that support. Think of it this way: if you’re not buying it for yourself, you’re buying for someone else.

– Giovanni Tiso, Overland online editor

FYI: The Judith Wright Poetry Prize and Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize are closing soon

Need even more reasons to subscribe? Our Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize and Judith Wright Poetry Prize subs are only $56, which means writers get a discounted subscription (4 issues) to Overland, plus entry into the prize of their choice! Entries close November 14.

How does Subscriberthon work?

If you support the literary pages and spaces we make, show us by subscribing, renewing or donating during this one very important week.

Anyone who subscribes, renews or donates by Friday 11 November goes into the running for three truly astounding prize draws – the major prize draw, the daily prize draw and the regional prize draw!

An annual subscription – which includes four print issues, the daily online magazine, invitations to subscriber events, discounted entry to Overland competitions, and other opportunities and giveaways – is just $60 full and $45 students/unwaged.

Speaking of prizes, we are extremely thankful to our generous friends and supporters who made this year’s Subscriberthon possible! Read about them and their work here.


Major prizes


What’s in this major prize?

The Pentax PC-55 35mm Point and Shoot Camera + 35mm film from FilmNeverDie


What’s in this major prize?

A Jordaan Step Through Bike from Lekker Bikes

The Friday Prize: 11 November

What’s in this prize?

A bottle of Noisy Ritual wine

Four A4 and A3 prints from Vietnamese-Australian print artist Hop Dac

A collection of titles from Cordite, including:

  • Walk Back Over by Jeanine Leane
  • Where We Are by Alison Flett
  • Leave Me Alone by Harry Reid
  • Common Sexual FantasiesRuined by Rachael Briggs
  • Dirty Words by Natalie Harkin
  • The Open by Lucy Van
  • Bush Mary by Teena McCarthy
  • Song of Less by Joan Fleming
  • After the Demolition by Zenobia Frost
  • Nganajungu Yagu by Charmaine Papertalk Green

A collection of teas from Kuuracorp

A $30 voucher for Bookshop by Uro

A bottle of Monceau non-alcoholic pet nat

A copy of Groundswell, edited by Toby Fitch

Regional prizes


What’s in this prize?

A $50 voucher for The Book Cow bookshop

A 1-year membership for ACT Writers Centre

A selection of titles from Ultimo Press, including:

  • Cold Coast by Robyn Mundy
  • In the Time of the Manaroans by Miro Bilbrough
  • Home and Other Hiding Places by Jack Ellis
  • My Heart is a Little Wild Thing by Nigel Featherstone
  • Pain and Privilege by Sophie Smith
  • Brother Alive by Zain Khalid
  • My Friend Fox by Heidi Everett
  • When Things are Alive They Hum by Hannah Bent
  • Love & Virtue by Diana Reid
  • Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens by Shankari Chandran
  • Found, Wanting by Natasha Sholl
  • A Kind of Magic, by Anna Spargo-Ryan

A collection of Giramondo titles, including:

  • Sun Music by Judith Beveridge
  • The Dancer by Evelyn Juers
  • Bon and Lesley by Shaun Prescott
  • How to Be Between by Bastian Fox Phelan


What’s in this prize?

Three wheel-thrown-pottery classes and one practice session to learn throwing, trimming and glazing clay
at The Pottery Shed

A 1-year membership for Writing NSW

1 bottle of Noisy Ritual wine

A $30 voucher for Bookshop by Uro

A pack of great books, including:

  • What the Fuck Is This by Celeste Mountjoy (Pan Macmillan)
  • What Fear Was by Ben Walter (Puncher and Wattmann)
  • Iris by Fiona Kelly McGregor (Picador Australia)
  • Enclave by Claire G. Coleman (Hachette)


What’s in this prize?

A $150 voucher for Red Kangaroo Books

A 1-year membership to NT Writers Centre

A collection of UQP titles, including:

  • Tell Me Again, by Amy Thunig
  • Desi Girl, by Sarah Malik
  • True Friends, by Patti Miller
  • Here Be Leviathans, by Chris Flynn
  • Bone Memories, by Sally Piper

A Clothing the Gaps reusable coffee cup and stickers

An Overland t-shirt

A bottle of Monceau non-alcoholic pet nat


What’s in this prize?

A 1-year membership for Queensland Writers Centre

1 bottle of Noisy Ritual wine

A $30 voucher for Bookshop by Uro

Clothing the Gaps stickers and book

A copy of Groundswell, edited by Toby Fitch


What’s in this prize?

1 bottle of Noisy Ritual wine

A 1-year membership to Writers SA

A collection of titles from Transit Lounge, including:

  • T by Alan Fyfe
  • Sweeny and the Bicycle by Philip Salmon
  • Revenge: Murder in Three Parts by S. L. Lim
  • Telltale by Carmel Bird
  • Tokyo Midnight by Kip Scott
  • Night Blue by Angela O’Keeffe
  • The Stoning by Peter Papathanasiou
  • Hydra by Adriane Howell
  • Moon Sugar by Angela Meyers
  • The Signal Line by Brendan Colley

A $30 voucher for Matilda Bookshop

An Overland t-shirt


What’s in this prize?

A 1-year membership for Tasmanian Writers Centre

A $100 voucher for Du Cane Brewing co.

A 1-year subscription to Island magazine

A $50 voucher for Hobart Bookshop

A copy of Groundswell, edited by Toby Fitch

Clothing the Gap stickers

1 bottle of Noisy Ritual wine


What’s in this prize?

3 x $125 vouchers for ClayTalk (Montsalvat) ‘clay taster’ pottery classes

 $500 worth of home energy efficiency advice and improvements from CoPower

A $50 voucher for Hill of Content Bookshop

A $30 voucher for North Melbourne Books

A $30 voucher for Bookshop by Uro

A 1-year membership for Writers Victoria

1 bottle of Noisy Ritual wine

A bottle of Monceau non-alcoholic pet nat

A copy of Groundswell, edited by Toby Fitch


What’s in this prize?

A collection of titles from Fremantle Press, including:

  • Paradise (Point of Transmission) by Andrew Sutherland
  • Blue Wren by Bron Bateman
  • Second Fleet Baby by Nadia Rhook
  • Minds Went Walking: Paul Kelly Songs Reimagined curated by Mark Smith, Neil A White and Jock Serong
  • Try Not to Think of a Pink Elephant: Stories of OCD by Martin Ingle
  • The Glass House by Brooke Dunnell
  • Eye of a Rook by Josephine Taylor

A 1-year subscription to Westerly

A $30 voucher for Bookshop by Uro

A bottle of Monceau non-alcoholic pet nat

An Overland t-shirt


What’s in this prize?

A $25 Unity Books voucher

An Introduction to Creative Writing Course Online (6-week course) with a personal one-on-one tutor from The Creative Hub, valued at $NZ 496

A 10-trip pass to Auckland Writers Festival ’23 (Digital)


Editorial team

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

If you like this piece, or support Overland’s work in general, please subscribe or donate.

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