Overland at the 2018 Feminist Writers Festival

Mentoring Feminists, Mentoring Writers

12–2pm Sunday 27 May
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Victoria Room

210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Mentoring is a critical part of the creative life, but something women and non-binary writers are often excluded from. Without mentoring, writers and artists can miss out on important networks or opportunities; sometimes, it can be hard to even get a foot in the door. Join Overland‘s editor Jacinda WoodheadOverland‘s fiction editor and writer Jennifer Mills; and writer, editor and academic Natalie Kon-yu as they discuss the importance of active mentoring in the arts.

Resist: Words for the Feminist Activist

3–5pm Sunday 27 May
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Victoria Room
210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Writing has always been a powerful way to challenge and subvert norms. In this session, three prolific activists discuss their work, and how writing and activism work in tandem – as well as sharing how to create real change through words.

With Santilla Chingaipe (participating chair), Tarneen Onus-Williams and Asher Wolf.  Presented by Overland.

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