The following subscribers from Day 6 – the Day of Living Dangerously – have won prizes. If you subscribed then and your name is not among them, don’t despair! The major prizes have not yet been drawn.


Living Dangerously Pack 1: Anna Sublet

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

Welcome to Paradise, Now go to Hell: A True Story of Violence Corruption and the Soul of Surfing by Chas Smith (Nero)

Blood and Guts: Dispatches from the Whale Wars by Sam Vincent (Black Inc)


Living Dangerously Pack 2: Jeremy McDonald

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

Into the Heart of the Himalayas by Jono Lineen (MUP)

Once Upon a time in Melbourne: Dirty Cops, Lying Politicians, Vampire Gigolos by Liam Houlihan (Victory)


Living Dangerously Pack 3: Janice Simpson

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

Bent: Australia’s Crooked Cops by James Morton and Susanna Lobez (MUP)

Half World: A novel by Scott O’Connor (Scribe)


Living Dangerously Pack 4: Jennifer Moore

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

An Astronomer’s Guide to Life On Earth by Chris Hadfield (PanMac)

Summit 8000: Life and Death with Australia’s Greatest Mountaineer by Andrew Lock (MUP)


Living Dangerously Pack 5: William Standen

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

Last Bets by Michaela McGuire (MUP)

Acute Misfortune: The Death and Life of Adam Cullen by Erik Jensen (Black Inc)


Living Dangerously Pack 6: Simon Copland

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

The Dangerous Bride: A Memoir of Love, Gods and Geography by Lee Kofman (MUP)

Run for Your Life: A Memoir by Jill Joliffe (Affirm)


Living Dangerously Pack 7: Aden Rolfe

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

The Fever by Megan Abbott (Picador)

The Ancient Paths: Discovering the Lost map of Celtic Europe by Graham Robbs (Picador)


Living Dangerously Pack 8: Foong Ling Kong

Padre Coffee espresso Pack

Confessions of a People Smuggler by Dawood Amiri (Scribe)

Rachel’s Gift by Alexandra Cameron (Picador)

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