22 May: ‘Sombre the Night Is: The Poetry of the Great War’

‘My subject is war, and the pity of war,’ said Wilfred Owen. ‘The Poetry is in the pity.’ The Great War inspired some of the most powerful verse of the twentieth century.

In this special event to mark the conflict’s 100th anniversary, Overland magazine presents Jeff Sparrow, Judy Davis, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Omar Musa, Tony Birch, Colin Friels, Antony Loewenstein and Jennifer Mills reading and discussing the war poetry that resonates with them.

With poetry by Owen, Sassoon, Graves and more, the past and the present come together in this moving commemoration of one of humanity’s greatest tragedies.

A Sydney Writers’ Festival event.

When: 4.30 pm, Thursday 22 May
Where: Pier 2/3 The Loft, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Sydney
Cost: Entry is free

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