Prize winners from the 2013 Subscriberthon

The 2013 Subscriberthon was a great success. Thanks to everyone who donated, subscribed or renewed. The Subscriberthon winners have now been drawn. They include the following people:

  • Sally  Chik
  • Julie Graney
  • Julia Tulloh
  • Chris Brophy
  • Shari Kocher
  • Rory Kleeman
  • Mark Riboldi
  • Dennis Garvey
  • Matthew Clark
  • Fiona Collins
  • David Yarrow
  • John Harrison
  • Youssef Younes
  • Philip Thiel
  • Melissa Ellen
  • Claire Pettigrew
  • Andrew Gibson
  • Lauren Rutter
  • Daniel Young
  • Cath Jolly
  • Sian Prior
  • Simone Howard
  • George Dunford
  • Antony Giummarra
  • Murray Coward
  • Paul Grguric
  • Ian Gibbins
  • Beryl Langer
  • Christos Tsiolkas
  • Zenobia Frost
  • Darshana Jayemanne
  • Anna Sublet
  • Michael Goodall

Once again, thank you for your support!




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