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Dear readers of Overland

Subscriberthon is back! From Wednesday 2 November until Wednesday 9 November we are running our annual subscriber drive, a time when we call on readers to commit to Overland by taking out a subscription, a time when you can show your support by keeping one of Australia’s oldest and most beloved literary journals in the publishing business.

Subscriberthon is a time when Overland blows its own trumpet by reminding you, our readers, of the exceptional print journal we publish four times a year and the lively blog we run the other 365 days. Add to that the other debate-changing Overland projects – our Meanland collaboration with Meanjin, the mentoring of young writers through our CAL Connections project, Overland’s hosting of significant figures like Malalai Joya, the activist we brought out from Afghanistan for the 2011 Melbourne Writers Festival – and you have a journal that seems a steal at $54 a year ($40 concession and low waged).

Subscribe online from Wednesday for a chance to win spectacular prizes, including Kobo readers, fantastic Australian fiction, nonfiction, poetry and graphic novels, wine, chocolate, coffee, t-shirts, art and more.

As Overland’s good friend Guy Rundle wrote from London:

In a country where cultural policy consists of giving money to News Ltd so that it can close down its own literary magazine every five years, Overland is, by contrast, the real deal – a passionate, committed publication, growling with energy and ideas, roaring across the tundra, running on fumes. Fill up its tank during the Subscriberthon, and watch it head towards the horizon.

Stop by Overland during 2–9 November to partake in the Subscriberthon festivities.

Remember, the revolution will not be televised – it will be read in Overland.

Respectfully yours
The Overland team

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

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