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Last night I saw the Malthouse’s production of Threepenny Opera, and I’ve been singing ‘Mack the Knife’ ever since. And that led me to this.

Anyway, consider this an open music thread, particularly for music in film or theatre.

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  1. I quite like this song, from Tom Wait’s music to a version of the play Woyzeck. Waits, of course, was influenced a fair bit by Kurt Weil.

  2. The original La Haine soundtrack featured Bob Marley doing Burning and Looting. But this is cool, too. I saw them doing this as a live soundtrack in Melbourne.

  3. So, there’s a good argument that this is a fascist movie. But the end of Apocalypse Now – with The Doors – is pretty amazing.

  4. the end of the interminable 60s movie Zabriskie Point complete with the destruction of bourgeois culture and Pink Floyd’s Careful with That Axe Eugene…. yeah baby.

  5. Allow me to introduce this by quoting a YouTube comment (a rare privilege): ‘This scene is just some evidence of Lynch’s genius.’

  6. and just to really blow the overland cool on a torrential sydney evening at cocktail hour …

  7. Chavela Vargas – ‘Paloma Negra’. I think this was in Frida and an Almodovar, though I can’t remember which. Anyway, Chavela Vargas remains rather legendary.

  8. Another scene from Rockers, featuring Horsemouth Wallace and Dirty Harry: ‘The man play too much soul music’.

  9. Time for a dose of the authentic amidst all this popkulcha puffery…..Lotte Lenya was Weill’s wife. He wrote for her gloriously untrained voice. I envy you Melburnians with Threepenny in town.

  10. I wanted to post the beer commercial audition from ‘Jesus of Montreal’ but couldn’t find a link. So instead here’s Stevie Wonder doing a killer version of ‘Superstition’ live on Sesame St, late 70s or early 80’s. Check out the grooving children at 4.10.

  11. I am happy to say that I still have both my Specials vinyl. Which of course includes this:

    and my Blackmarket Clash vinyl which includes this:

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