Subscriberthon prize announcement – the first of many…

The first prize we would like to announce was not one that we flagged during the event. It was not donated by any of our sponsors, and we’re not sure it’s worth anything like dollars. It’s a selection of 12 issues of Overland starting with Number Eight Spring 1956, through to our fiftieth anniversary edition 174. In there, we added 36 featuring Dorothy Hewett and Bruce Dawe; 50/51 with the concrete poetry cover; 100 featuring Patrick White, David Malouf, Judith Wright, Manning Clark, Barry Jones et al; 112 commemorating and celebrating founding editor Stephen Murray-Smith; 127 on 100 Years of the ALP 144 Black Writing featuring Samuel Wagan Watson and Mudrooroo; 147 Ian Syson’s first issue as editor ‘Never Mind the Ballads’; 150 containing a special anniversary reprint of Overland Number One; 163 with the incredible ‘Indigenocide and the Massacre of Aboriginal History’ and Mark Davis’s second Overland Lecture ‘Towards Cultural Renewal’; 169 tribute to Dorothy Hewett and our first Bob Ellis Overland Lecture ‘The Age of Spin’.

We hope that the winner will like it very much, because she was the very first to sign up during Subscriberthon.  Congratulations to Emilie Collyer.

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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