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4Our third Overland Overloaded guest blogger is variously known as IQ, Benjamin Theolonius Sanders, and the Poet Laureate for the Centre of Southern Folklore. IQ is a relative newcomer to Melbourne, but regularly wipes the slam floor with more established poetic Melbournites. He is the author of five chapbooks (please get a hold of one of them from him this Overload if you can: they’re really tasty little morsels), and the spoken word CD Somewhere in Memphis. IQ has haiku-ed his Overload launch experience by way of introduction to the Overland blog, and the results speak for themselves:


Orange polka dots-
scarf keeps saying Overland.
We translate, winking.

Co-Founder’s Clip

The stubble- still there.
Black trenchcoat, well walked shoes too.
Smart haircut Steve, Smart.

Power Lines

Josephine Rowe writes
shit that makes you want to smoke-
Just to be smoking.

The last time I read
one of her stories I drank
four shots of vodka.

Passionate Musts

Yvette Stubbs like them
If they write from their guts. Split
skin like boxer’s lips.

Roundtable Soul

Chambers of hour hearts
basked in full moonbeams. Earlobes
licked up Matt’s poems.

©Benjamin Theolonius Sanders (IQ)
4 September 2009

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