13Overload Overloaded’s Benjamin Theolonius Sanders took his haiku reviewing on the road to Dante’s for the launch of Maurice McNamara’s Half Hour Country (Small Change Press, 2009) on Saturday September 5, catching performances by poets Matt Hetherington, Anna Fern, David Stravanger and Graham Nunn. IQ chides the calling of a mobile phone during a poetry reading, laments the physical constraints of the human body and his inability to duplicate himself for the purposes of Overload reviewing, and encounters poet Randall Stephens, whose spoken word CD Tales from an Idiot was launched at Passionate Tongues on Monday evening as part of Overload.

Dante’s Bacon

Maurice and Anna
make vegetarians want
to eat Pork with love.

Plush notes trickle, form
flugelhorn waterfalls, mists,
lunar rainbow clouds.

Glass break percussion!
Sharp squeal*! Volcanic laughter!!!
Unflapped — He haikus.

Phones Quite Please

The reading starts. Jump#%!
Mobile alarm vibrations
provide O*!*!! cheap thrill!

Overlapping Choices

Wanting two of me
enough to attend each of
Overload’s events.

Rue ? Without Her

Flickering light –shorts.
Unscrews in an Aussie’s chest.
Randall walks Paris.

Birthday Times Too

Irma is beaming.
Two months…She first-time Grandma
Cuddles love poem.

Sandy Don Helen
casts faithful pebbles beachward
cheeky nipper smiles.

©Benjamin Theolonius Sanders
8 September 2009

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