Overland 193


193-launchOverland 193 is now out, officially launched last night with a conversation between Antony Loewenstein and Christos Tsiolkas.

The full contents will come online over the next weeks. In the interim, you can access Alexis Wright’s important essay on Oodgeroo and the state of Indigenous Australia today, and economist Frank Stilwell’s critique of market-based solutions to climate change.

This issue also features some special online only content, intended to provide space for new and emerging writers. Nicola Haywood’s ‘Sometimes the Best You Can Do is Just Jump Back In‘, Jane Price’s ‘The Arrangement‘, Anna Bennetts’ ‘Beneath Our Skins‘ and Richard Millar’s ‘The Classroom‘ appear exclusively in the web edition of Overland 193 and will also be downloadable in PDF form. The print edition contains stories by Louise Swinn, Eva Sallis and Richard Lawson; they too are available online now.

It may take a few days for the edition to reach the shops. You can, of course, purchase it here. Better still, you can take out a subscription.

If you missed the launch event, make sure you’ve signed up for our e-bulletin — it’s the best way to keep track of events and other happenings. Audio and video from the discussion between Christos and Antony will be available soon.


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