Our prizes

For several years now, Overland has been hosting a number of prestigious prizes, with support from organisations such as the Malcolm Robertson Foundation, Victoria University, Story Wines and the National Union of Workers.

Below is the list of prizes we’re running this year, along with their opening dates. Visit the individual prize page to find out details and guidelines.

Nakata Brophy Short Fiction and Poetry Prize for Young Indigenous Writers

Prize: $5000 and a residency up to three months. Open Now. Closes 02 February 2020.

Overland Victoria University Short Story Prize

Worth $8000. Now closed. Will reopen in 2020.

Fair Australia Prize

Worth $20,000. Now closed. Will reopen in 2020.

Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize

Worth $5000. Now closed. Will reopen in 2020.

Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize

Worth $9000. Now closed. Will reopen in 2020.