Poetry | Wednesday at Gunyah

i’d like to count two million freckles
as a mindfulness exercise

fat yellow moon slung low across the water
jordan peterson says not beautiful

rosewater spreads across the sunset sky
brit mum still hopeful after four miscarriages, one in toilet

morning sun glints fierce and wide from the ripples
amber heard colluded with the dog

i wrap myself around my coffee as hard as i can
try to keep from lying
through my teeth

there’s a tern sunning itself on the end of the jetty
victoria beckham says thin is old-fashioned

megan fox celebrates birthday wearing dress
if you mess with the beaver you get the cleaver

freezing sea winds upon impact
for a second i wonder will i make it


Sarah Pearce

Sarah Pearce is a poet and researcher from Tarndanya/Adelaide. Her work appears in Aeternum, Outskirts, Meniscus, writing from below, TEXT, The Suburban Review and various anthologies. She has held residencies at Adelaide City Library, FELTspace gallery and Gunyah and performed at Blenheim and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. Her writing concerns female embodiment, the Gothic, queer narrative(s) and mental health.

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